After-Take: PRETTY LITTLE LIARS “Bring Down the Hoe”


Beware – the follow contains spoilers!!!

This show!!! I can’t. I love it!

Ok, how come all the detectives/cops/teachers/principals etc. keep forgetting that these girls are minors?? Detective WhatsHerFace (Tanner) walked right up and sat down, bold as brass! Spilling details from an active investigation?? Inappropriate!

Uh, who is that random dude (I remember him from Bones!)? And HELLO MASS FUNDS in Hanna’s locker! Hanna’s always getting mass quantities of money! How happy was I when random dude Travis wound up being the only witness to Wilden’s murder and is gonna end up helping Hanna’s Mom.

This episode was chock full of CeCe! Sort of. At least confirming her involvement with whoever A is. It’s about time too! They’ve been saying it for weeks, it was nice to have it locked down. But we still don’t know who the mAin A is. Maybe next week, for the summer finale (ALREADY??? SAY IT AIN’T SO!!) we’ll get a glimpse further into the mAin A plot? I’m so excited!! Are you?


  • Sabrina

    OMG I was seriously screaming at the tv last night… HELLO!!! Who allows these minors to continously be harrassed AT SCHOOL, BY THE COPS?!!! Not ok. Although neither is a relationship between a teacher and a student, but that was soooooo last season.
    Ok, my thoughts from the episode… and thank you for indulging me btw cause I totally love this show too!
    I had a thought last night. Although she isn’t very spry… could Big A be Mrs Dilaurentis? The tiny green sweater at the end got me thinking… didn’t she mention that she was going to knit her husband a scarf but because he is divorcing her, she is now knitting a tiny sweater for herself? Like, the looney lady is involved in some way. Keeping Alison’s room a shrine. Just too weird.
    Cece is part of the A team for sure, but Big A? I don’t think so. Ok, in creepy ending, the mysterious hand brings out the fifth doll, the one with the black hoodie, and it looked like she was stabbing the crap out of it. I think that black hoodie is Cece.
    Also, I think Ezra has a mangina. He has been taking some seriously low blows lately and I am pretty sure his junk has shrunken up and inverted. I like Jake. I hope Jaria continues to happen. Or is it Arake?
    Toby, Toby, Toby. Wake up and smell the setup!!! Men are clearly the weaker of the species.
    Rosewood High is apparently short staffed. Ezra was the only grown up I saw there and Paige was dressed like a hooker. She would not have been let in to a traditional school function all nekkie like that. Is it me, or is her voice sounding weird?
    This episode had too mych line dancing and not enough Mona.

  • CourtneyK.

    OMG I fully agreed with this, Sabrina. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the finale!