After-Take: PRETTY LITTLE LIARS “The Mirror Has Three Faces”

Name of the Episode: The Mirror Has Three Faces

Beware – the follow contains spoilers!!!

Boy oh boy was this an episode not to miss!! Let’s dig in!

First off, recapping last weeks’ ep with Jenna in the lake?? YIKES!

Next, Mrs. Dilaurentis inviting Emily and her mother to stay in her house, in Alison’s old room??? SO CREEPY! That’s a “Thanks but no thanks” moment for me. I understand they needed Emily to do some hunting around, but let’s face it kiddles. Emily is the weak link again. It’s sad, but true. She’s injured and that has really taken the steam out of her engine.

The one with their fuel back is Hanna! I LOVE HANNA! I love how she sasses everyone but is still resolved. Hunting down Wren and going straight in for the “Get me into Radley”. That takes guts, and Hanna has them.

Is anyone else getting tired of Spencer not telling the other Liars about what’s going on with Toby? Seriously, she should tell them. It’s stupid.

FIRST BOMBSHELL: Ezra isn’t Malcom’s father??? Holy bikes! My jaw dropped straight down. I did not see that coming. My thinking is that storyline wasn’t going anywhere, not anywhere interesting to The Liars, so the writers decided to make it null and void. It is sad, but I’m glad that part will be over. Sort of. It means that Ezra will be back in Aria’s life potentially, and that makes me all squidgy because he’s a fully grown man in love with a tiny teenage girl and while he’s hot? It’s not ok, in my opinion.

I love Caleb. He’s the ONLY ONE who makes any real sense. His realistic logic that they SHOULD ALL GO TO THE POLICE, man I have been groaning that at the screen for weeks! I wish he would just do it. He’s the best one anyway.

Back to Wren, I kinda hate that guy. He’s always been shady and now we know he’s one of the “Baddies”. Mona, crazy as she is, she’s on the right track being suspicious of him and giving him the run-around. Though, with her locked back up in Radley (frankly, that’s where she should remain) she can’t do much to affect anything anymore. Wren showing up and manipulating Mrs. Hastings with his “concerns”, I think I made a face of disgust at him. Yeah, I hate that guy. And did anyone else think “STAAAAHP!” when Mrs. Hastings showed up to threaten Mona??? That was the absolute dumbest thing. Of COURSE there would be a repercussion, her recusal from the case. Oh greeeaaat.

SECOND BOMBSHELL: The poor elderly Doctor having an episode and letting slip that Mrs. Dilaurentis visited his office when he worked at Radley! After quite a bit of surprising debate (I was surprised, I thought for sure the Liars would be on board with Spencer!) Spencer confronting Mrs. Dilaurentis and the revelation that CECE DRAKE had shown up at Radley claiming to be Alison and requesting help! Mind blown! And once again, how come the Liars had no idea any of this was going on? Alison was their “best friend”…I just don’t get it. I know, I know, “Alison kept secrets” but seriously? That’s like, CIA level lying.

THIRD BOMBSHELL: CeCe blamed ALL the Liars (not just Alison) for getting kicked out of school. That party from, gosh how many seasons ago was that?? Where some random girl got pushed down the stairs? I barely remember it. But apparently that incident is what spurned Wacko-CeCe. Unless CeCe is just a scapegoat, and her name is being used as a red herring. It’s becoming clearer and clearer that someone named “CeCe Drake” is being pointed at by all the signs.

Creepiest moments of the night: THERE WAS SOMEONE WEARING AN ALISON MASK BEHIND HANNA!!! I was freaking out!! And then: There was someone living in the crawlspace of Alison’s house!! From the amount of snackfood garbage, it was for a while too! And the drill holes were big, how did nobody see them? (Unless they were drilled under a table, that would make sense.) That made my skin crawl. It was so creepy.

So here’s my thing, I think there’s two different factions here. There’s the A side, and then this…Other side. A seems to be evil and interested in destruction, this Other side seems to want to help with discovery. This Other side doesn’t seem bent on the obliteration of anyone. But I don’t know. Maybe I’m confused on it. We’re winding up to the Summer Season Finale soon and I am STILL just as obsessed with Pretty Little Liars as I’ve always been! How about you?? Any working theories?

Check out a gallery from last night’s episode:


  • Meriel

    I love how they made Ezra look like such a wreck… He was sooo good in his scene with that mop top woman! Broke my heart!!!

  • Yeah, he did do a great job! I felt for him, even though I still think the Ezra/Aria dynamic is inappropriate. Ian Harding (Ezra) is a terrific crier!