Comic Con 2013: Steve Franks, Chris Henze, and Kelly Kulchak discuss PSYCH

I know I probably say it a lot, about a wide variety of people, but when it boils right down to it, the three people in today’s newest Comic Con 2013 video are three of the best in the business, and three of my favorite people to talk to about anything – food in various cities, Shawn Spencer and when he’ll grow up, and what the future holds for PSYCH.  Check out our quick chat above with the 2 EPs and creator of PSYCH – Kelly Kulchak, Chris Henze, and Steve Franks.  They never cease to make me smile.  PS: I am dying to see the musical episode; I wish I could set my DVR now (the two-hour musical event premieres December 15)!  You can also now follow Steve Franks on twitter!