After-Take: PRETTY LITTLE LIARS “The Guilty Girl’s Handbook”

Name of the Episode: The Guilty Girl’s Handbook

Beware – the follow contains spoilers!!!

SHAY MITCHELL…wait a Mona. What just happened?

It’s been a few episodes, but After Take is back on, y’all. We’ve had LOTS to discuss, so let’s shall we?

Toby and Caleb have become Rosewood’s Dynamic Duo, they uncovered more in one episode than the Rosewood P.D. ever has. (Poor Rosewood P.D.) And all evidence points to CeCe Drake. I never liked her.

Hanna’s Mom being arrested was not a shock. The fact that Hanna’s Father hasn’t insisted she live with him in the meantime, is a HUGE shock. But again, logic does not cross the county line to Rosewood.

RUMER WILLISSpencer and Toby’s road trip to Cuckoo-Crazy Birdie Ravenwood was, I’m sorry, laughable. I laughed. I snurked my beverage. From the overly obvious creepy lens filter to the bird throwing itself onto the windshield to the Boo Radley-esque gardener and the Zombie-like townies all gathering in silence around a Weeping Angel (sorry, my Whovian is showing!). It was all just a bit much, wasn’t it?

And it didn’t result in anything but confirming the Ravenwood spin-off, due soon. I really expected to get something from the crazy lady Spoby encountered, but nope.

Aria’s Mom went to…wait, where did she go again? Prague? France? Doesn’t matter, really. She’s outta there, which means brother Mike is back in the picture, and being pigeon-holed as a deviant. Did anyone else kinda cheer when that douche-kid’s car got batted? Did anyone else think “THAT’S EZRA!”??

Speaking of Ezra, he’s obviously wanting back in with Aria. But he needs to stop. He’s gonna get in wicked big trouble again if he doesn’t. Though he’s being very helpful to Emily, who as much as I like her, she’s the weak link in the Liar chain.

Granted, Emily has had some serious trauma. Her shoulder is injured in a huge way, her parents were investigated for abuse, and then holy cow there’s a car in her living room!!! C’mon A, that’s just expensive and reckless. But I suppose that was the goal.

SHAY MITCHELL, NIA PEEPLESEmily’s Mom is officially broken. Almost getting run over in your living room will do that to a person, compounded with Emily sneaking Wilden’s apartment key and investigating on her own; Emily’s Mom is suspended-but-more-likely-fired. I’m surprised she hasn’t had any scenes with her having a Xanax and a Chardonnay. We all need one or the other from time to time!

Spencer is being extra Velma, you can practically hear her mental gears turning every time the camera comes in close. The revelation that Wilden was a responding Officer to the death of Toby’s Mom is a good piece of evidence, she’s totally right. Wilden was never above board. He was a twisted jerk who had a badge and gun.

RYAN GUZMANPoor Hanna. She worked so hard on her lies; my skin was crawling as she interacted with Faux-Wilden. Everything she and Mona played out was plausible. Little did we know that Mona would walk into the police station herself and confess!!! Granted, it’s well established that she cares more about Hanna than the other Liars, and her friendship with Hanna has crossed over the Obsession line and back again a couple times. So it’s not that surprising that she would offer herself up, unless she was actually instructed by A to do so, that way Hanna would be off the hook but indebted to Mona? Or A was planning to have Mona do that all along…or maybe Mona did actually murder Wilden??

It’s all a big jumbly mess and I absolutely cannot get enough of it!!! It’s my favorite guilty pleasure, for sure!! What did you think? Are you as hooked as I am? What’s your theory on why Mona confessed?