After-Take: PRETTY LITTLE LIARS “Cat’s Cradle”

Name of the Episode: Cat’s Cradle

Beware – the follow contains spoilers!!!

TROIAN BELLISARIOI have a quick question, Does anybody trust this new Jake guy?? Cuz I don’t. Like, a LOT. He’s creeping me out. I appreciate the more appropriate love interest for Aria, but he is seeming more manipulative and shady than I’d care him to be. Maybe I just have trust issues when it comes to teeny tiny Aria.

Hanna is going to have a heart attack. The suspense with her Mom vs. all the evidence pointing to her is absolutely killing me. Are they really going to make Momma Marin a murderer? Or just frame her for murder and send her to prison? I dunno, but I’m leaning towards it. Momma Marin has committed more crimes (‘member the whole stealing from the old lady’s safe deposit box?) than Karma-cally plausible in the short time her character has been around.

ASHLEY BENSON, LUCY HALECan someone tell me why Emily’s doctor questioned her so intensely about falling off her bike? I know, I know; it’s a lie but still, it’s believable! Her injury is from a fall, just not off a bike, I don’t know why it would be such a question in his mind. And seriously, Emily should have just told him she took a hydrocodone from her Mom’s medicine cabinet and it caused her to almost drown, I don’t see the big deal about just coming clean with that. Yeah she would’ve gotten in trouble with her Mom, but she took them! *shrug* Whatever. But HOLD UP, someone called Social Services?? Daaaaaang! That’s a big bell to ring, A.

KEEGAN ALLENUm….THE MURDER BOARD!! Did anyone else try and take a picture of the screen like I did??? I was so hoping that Hanna would get a snap, but WOULDN’T YOU KNOW IT that Ninja New Cop busts her. DANG IT!! FINALLY  someone on this show goes to do the smart thing and DOCUMENT something they saw and they get thwarted. GAAAAAAAAAH! With Melissa back in town (ugh) I get the feeling she’ll soon be sleeping with Ninja New Cop, did anyone else think so too?

Can we also talk about the Creepy Mask Guy who lives in a SWAMP?? Really guys? Really? That seemed a bit much. Interrogating/bartering for Emily’s face, that was beyond weird.  That kind of stuff is best left to Ninja New Cop, Liars.  Then Emily wouldn’t have potentially suffocated, but the Melissa bust wouldn’t have been discovered. Hmmm, tricky.

OK, that’s enough for this Quick Take: After Take. A lot went on in this episode, it felt crammed, ya know? What do you think?