After-Take: PRETTY LITTLE LIARS “Turn of the Shoe”

Name of the Episode: Turn of the Shoe


…what? Um, ok? Is someone dancing around now? I’m confused by this title.

This episode started with a LOT of questions, including, Why is Spencer constructing a model with appetizers? Wait, did they just say something about someone jumping out of a plane??? WHAT ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT??

Mona’s reaction to the missing RV seemed legit; but honestly, I’m with The Liars. She’s not really one of them, they don’t trust her. She only tried to kill them once or twice. Mona being attacked in her car by the Alison-Masked Attacker, well that does help her case. Sort of.

SHAY MITCHELLOh look, Emily has a hematoma. She should be in Urgent Care. She wears a swimsuit, NO COACH on Earth would see that nasty bruise and march her STRAIGHT to the health office. And whoa, there’s a LOT of prescription bottles in that medicine cabinet. Like, a LOT. Wait, didn’t we go through this a season or so ago? Emily dealing with some sort of pain issue and getting addicted/drugged and being suspended and suspected of drug abuse? EMILY, LEARN SOMETHING!! Sheesh.

The first interaction between Hanna and her mother, oyyyyh boyyyy. There’s a bit too much of an obvious tell there. (Compound that with the filthy shoe revelation…c’mon guys.) It’s probably going to come out that A took Momma Marin’s shoes, then planted them in the car with a note or something. I KNOW that they are trying to keep the police from finding out she hit Wilden with her car, but that footage PROOVES he was alive when she left and could really only help her, right?? I get it, the police could be A too, but SOMEBODY in that town has got to be non-A related, right????

Does anybody else believe that Spencer didn’t actually get into that University? I certainly don’t. First, she’s a legacy; second, she’s wicked smart. While I can understand Ezra’s thinking that her essay was a “bit too much”; yeah, reading all that drama might turn off the Admissions crowd, the first two elements should really override that. Just my thought, but I think it’s a bunch of manure and A just weaseled their way into an office and snagged some authentic paper stock to mess with Spencer. Wouldn’t be the first time.

While I’m on board for ALL of The Liars enrolling in a self-defense class or seven; Aria’s one-on-one with the new inappropriately older romantic interest; COME ON. That was too much. Besides, I’m pretty sure she was wearing those Twinkle Toes shoes with the hidden heel in the shoe; those practically looked like platform sneakers and were ridiculous.

LUCY HALE, ASHLEY BENSON, TROIAN BELLISARIOWhile all the flashbacks to young Alison have shown how awful Alison was to her friends not to mention her enemies; having Mrs. DeLaurentis around is so much more telling don’t you think? She learned how to throw her best barbs from her mother, and DID SHE JUST HOLD HER BREATH TO GET HER WAY??? Oh for love of…that flashback interaction made me want to throw something.

The bird thing, I hate birds. I know that lots of people like them and have them as pets; I don’t. However, having that bird have a big piece of the puzzle in the form of singing that phone number? GENIUS! And a bit hokey. And of COURSE the bird goes missing.

So what did you think? What were the parts you loved or loved to hate the most? This season has really started getting good! Normally the second episode isn’t as good as the first, and while this one wasn’t, it still gave us some really good juicy stuff to slap our foreheads and pick our jaws up off the floor about.