My Take On….TNT Summer Mondays (MAJOR CRIMES and KING & MAXWELL)

The new TNT Summer Mondays start tonight with MAJOR CRIMES returning for Season 2 at 9/8c, and new show KING & MAXWELL joining the network at 10/9c.  Follow the jump for thoughts on the premieres of both!

Up first, MAJOR CRIMES continues the trend of catching murderers, and offering them deals, just like season 1, but this season comes with a new Deputy DA (Nadine Velazquez, now a regular), a bump to regular status for Taylor and Dr Morales (Robert Gossett and Jonathan Del Arco were both upped to series regulars for S2), and a haircut for Rusty (I’m all about the TNT haircuts lately).  The story of the first episode follows the third wife of a big-wig Hollywood director found face down in the pool and the hunt for her killer, while the Phillip Stroh case continues to be the thorn in the paws of Sharon and Rusty.  The new DDA is not a very nice lady, the case gets sorted out in the final 15 minutes, and Flynn and Provenza continue to be one of the best partnerships on TV.  I’ll never like Sykes (Kearran Giovanni) and I’ll miss having Fitz (Jon Tenney) around, but all in all, a solid and consistent return for Season 2 of the show, and it will continue as one of my Monday must-sees!

I won’t have to miss Fitz too much this summer, however, now that Tenney has found himself a new place to land – he stars as Sean KING, ex-secret-service-agent, lawyer, private investigator, and partner to Michelle MAXWELL (Rebecca Romijn). The show is based on a series of books by David Baldacci.  The premiere of their show finds KING & MAXWELL 12-months into working together, as they stumble on a government coverup while investigating (much to the chagrin of the FBI) the death of one of Sean’s oldest friends.  Along the way, they find themselves working with savant Edgar Roy (my favorite, Ryan Hurst, physically a cross between his Opie and his Gary Berteer here, and playing a man of few words).  Watching the show, until the final 5-10 minutes, I don’t think I knew which way the show would zig or zag, and I had fun while along for the ride.  It’s an interesting take on the less-than-legal PI world.  I haven’t liked much of Romijn’s stuff (…EASTWICK, don’t get me started again…), but she’s delightful here, finding her niche as a smart-ass with some kick-ass moves.  Tenney and Romijn have an easy going charm that’s reminiscent of the fun the LEVERAGE gang had on their missions.  Give it a shot – let us know what you think!