My Take On….FALLING SKIES Season 3

When we left our friends in the 2nd Mass/Charleston, a new race of aliens had descended on our planet, before the show cut to black. When Season 3 picks up tonight at 9/8c on TNT, we get dropped right into the story, 7 months down the line.  Anne’s pregnancy is in full bloom, Matt has a new haircut, the new alien race (the Volm) have helped Charleston in their battle against the overlords, Hal is dealing with some DARK demons, and Maggie is there to be supportive, loving, and just all around the best character on the show.  Having survived in Charleston now for 7 months, the battle rages on, and Professor Tom Mason takes on a whole new role, the leader of the new free world.   

I have to admit – somewhere in the middle of Season 2, I had stopped watching, not for lack of effort, but because there was just too much on Sunday nights.  Over Memorial Day weekend, however, I recorded the marathon, and have been mainlining FALLING SKIES ever since.  What I love about how Season 2 ended and how Season 3 begins is that the show continues to push the envelope.  The fighting seems more intense, and more choreographed, as the Charleston forces have had so much practice these past 2 years.  The questions that were raised at the end of Season 2 aren’t solved or answered nicely with a red bow in the premiere, and even 5 episodes in to the new season, I found myself waiting to see how things from S2 would resolve themselves.  They don’t flashback to answer questions, and they just push forward, much like the 2nd Mass over the seasons, and you better strap in for a bumpy ride!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll continue saying it – as much as I loved John Carter on ER, I don’t think Noah Wyle has ever been better than he his here, as Tom Mason.  He’s a leader with a conscience, who feels for the human race, the rebel skitters, and this new alien race he can’t quite wrap his head around.  Drew Roy is playing the light and dark sides of Hal with such a subtlety, it’s a thing of beauty to watch.  And as the family drama comes to head with the drama of this fight against the invaders, FALLING SKIES continues to hold my attention and keep me guessing with each week.

Small things to look forward to this season:

  • Robert Sean Leonard, who I promise you won’t recognize when he first comes onscreen
  • Sarah Sanguin Carter’s continued struggle as Maggie – she’s incredible – have I mentioned she’s my favorite character?
  • New weapons, new fights, new technology
  • Great guest star turns from Gloria Reuben (who I never, ever seem to trust), Michael Hogan, Matt Frewer, Stephen Collins, Terry O’Quinn (and that’s all within the first 5 episodes)
  • Cochise
  • More death and destruction (and lots of tears)
  • The cutest baby since the Creguts on RAISING HOPE
  • More incredible interaction and growth in the relationship between Pope (Colin Cunningham) and Mason

Overall, a great start to the season, and I honestly am on the edge of my seat wondering what could possibly happen next!!