Ella Wahlestedt previews ARMY WIVES with Cheryl

ellaThere’s a new brat in town – in Fort Marshall, that is.

Fort Marshall, the fictional town of Army Wives, welcomed its newest – and arguably it’s most outspoken – resident this season.

Family Affair

Ella Wahlestedt joined the cast, now in its seventh season, as the bratty Caroline Hall, step-daughter of Maggie Hall (Torrey DeVitto).

And from my chat with Wahlestedt, it’s not going to be pretty.

Not an Easy Role

She described her character as, “very opinionated and outspoken.  She’s going through some really rough times, and because of that lashes out  and can be pretty mean sometimes.”

Playing such a “mean” role has not been easy for Wahlestedt, who told me she couldn’t act like Caroline in real life and get away with it, though she thinks it’s fun.

Acting Wasn’t An Option

Wahlestedt stumbled into acting quite by accident.  An accomplished gymnast, she took an acting class one day when her coach was a no-show — she’s been acting ever since.

What’s Next

In addition to Army Wives, Wahlestedt’s credits include a guest star role in A&E’s The Glade, as well as an upcoming role in feature film ECHO from Walt Disney.

On Her Future Roles

But what about the future?  Wahlestedt, still somewhat of a newcomer, could probably choose any role she wanted.

She said, “I’d like to play more challenging roles – acting is all about pushing yourself, so I would love the opportunity to try out different genres and characters. I often play a lot of girly and feminine characters, so even playing a tomboy or someone a bit edgier would be so fun!”

Watch Wahlestedt on Lifetime’s Army Wives on Sunday nights.

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