Thursday Must Watch: CourtneyK preps you for SCANDAL’S return

KERRY WASHINGTONSCANDAL was not new last week, and that was not okay with us here at MToT!  CourtneyK wanted to remind you what happened last and why you should tune in tonight!

On the heels of President Grant’s recovery, he drops the bomb on his plotting wife; he wants a divorce! Ohhh my! The fallout of that statement is going to be HUGE! There’s no real telling how Mellie is going to react, how Olivia will react! How THE PUBLIC will react! I mean seriously, there’s no real way he’s going to go through with it…is there?

And lest we forget, there’s the whole ELECTION RIGGING conspiracy coming to light! How is Olivia going to fix all this mess?? It’s just one more jump from frying pan to fire for The Gladiators in Suits.

MAN I love this show!!

Tune in tonight for SCANDAL at 10/9c on ABC!