Quick Take: SUITS is back tonight on USA!

SuitsTonight on USA, SUITS returns to finish up its sophomore season with an episode that hopes to answer the question “What comes next?” now that Daniel Hardman has been removed from power.  The victory over Hardman comes with almost no time to settle, as Harvey and Mike need to face the next possible-secret-blowing crisis head on.  Mike is at a low in this episode, sleeping with his married friend Tess (you remember Tess, right, from his grandmother’s funeral a week ago?) and getting too emotionally invested in the current case they’re working on.

As the episode continues, the guys are faced with moral dilemmas and are tempted to deal with them in somewhat immoral ways.  The show continues to check off every box on the list – smart, sexy, sad, romantic, tragic, angst-ridden, you name it, SUITS has it.  The writing is impeccably strong, and it’s felt in the strength of the cast as rich as Gabriel Macht, Patrick J Adams, Rick Hoffman, Gina Torres, Meghan Markle, and Sarah Rafferty, not to mention guest stars Amanda Schull, Rachael Harris, and Elizabeth Hower.  If you’ve never watched SUITS, do yourself a favor and get caught up On Demand or on Hulu.  If you’re a fan of SUITS, get excited – this week’s tense episode is just the beginning of a wild ride!

SUITS airs Thursdays at 10/9c on USA!

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  • Jason

    Poor Louis. Can’t catch a break. I know we’ll see Maria Monroe again. I love that as soon as Harvey said “Donna meet her”, that’s all Jessica needed to hear.