Sunday Must Watch: HOUSE OF LIES Season 2 Premiere

House of LiesI was not 100% sold on the Showtime series HOUSE OF LIES when it premiered last year – the cast, the “pod,” was all great; writing was solid, but something just didn’t click.  By the time Season 1 ended with a knowing look between Marty and Jeannie (Don Cheadle and Kristen Bell) after Jeannie had blown the whistle on The Rainmaker, I was cautiously optimistic about where Season 2 would go.  Well, Season 2 premieres tonight (at 10/9c), and I think the show is off to a great start.  By making it personal between Marty and Jeannie (and specifically, what exactly happened that night after they shared that shot), the show seems more pulled together.  Ben Schwartz and Josh Lawson as Clyde and Doug, are one of the better “bromances” on TV, or maybe they’re an  “anti-bromance.”  And the addition of Nia Long as an old business school associate of Marty’s who joins the pod (and proves a rival to Jeannie almost immediately) plus a devious Bess Armstrong as a passive aggressive new CEO (incidentally, also a thorn in Jeannie’s side) only work to make the story better.  They’ve even seemed to find a way that Marty’s family is marginalized slightly, but still explored.  If you didn’t watch Season 1, or you aren’t sure about Season 2, I’m calling it a Must Watch for curiosity’s sake – I think you’ll enjoy it!