Thursday Must Watch: CHILDRENS HOSPITAL Season 4 Finale, “Eulogy”

We haven’t talked much about the fourth season of CHILDRENS HOSPITAL that has been airing Thursdays at midnight (11pm Central) since August. The long and short of it is this: I watch it every week. I laugh out loud each time I watch it, and I find myself counting down to all new episodes. Rob Corddry and his cast of, let’s face it, insane people, have continued to turn in one of the funniest shows that has ever been on TV, and it’s with happiness AND sadness that I remind you that the season finale airs tonight (worry not, season 5 is a go and should ble back next summer)!!

Tonight’s finale, called “Eulogy,” deals with death (does death really mean death at CHILDRENS HOSPITAL, though?) and will feature an exclusive NEWSREADERS report on the death of one of the cast members. Check out a preview of tonight’s episode and don’t miss it when it airs at 12/11c on Adult Swim!

CHILDRENS HOSPITAL airs Thursdays at 12am/11pm (yes we’re aware that’s technically Friday) on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. If you’ve never watched, the episodes are short – you can get caught up in no time! If you are watching, tonight’s hilarious episode should be another instant classic!