Thursday Must Watch: IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY / THE LEAGUE on FX!!

Tonight on FX, be sure to catch the 8th season premiere of IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA and the 4th season premiere of THE LEAGUE, starting at 10/9c!

Up first, the gang from Philly is back and more disturbed and disturbing than ever!  When The Lawyer stops by to tell Dennis and Dee that they are in charge of deciding whether their grandfather (their mother’s father) should be taken off of life support, the gang is divided on how to handle the news.  Dennis and Dee head out to decide if they should off PopPop, deciding first to try their hand at a dog shelter, “for practice.” Charlie and Mac set out to find the lost painting of a German Shepherd that they believe was painted by one of history’s most hated leaders.  And Frank?  Well, Frank is being as Frank as can be as he tries to find the treasure he thinks he deserves.  The episode is absurd, and as always, the Mac and Charlie decisions made are some of the worst, and funniest, you can imagine.  Bonus! Next week’s episode is highly reminiscent of “The Gang Solves the Gas Crisis” and it’s fantastic!  So happy to have the gang back!

After SUNNY, be sure to stick around for the 4th season premiere of THE LEAGUE, which has slowly crept its way onto the top of my favorite comedies list. We meet up with the league as Jenny is just about ready to pop out that baby she promised to Kevin at the end of last season.  The draft is about to start but not before Taco does something that gets the boys flown to Dallas for some fun at training camp!  Another absurd episode that has the draft taking place in the only possible location, and so many great Andre putdowns by the guys that I could barely catch them all! Guest stars include Rich Eisen, Jason Witten, Felix Jones, Robert Griffin III, and Jerry Jones (among many others), all playing themselves!  Great start to what should be a hilarious season and if episode 2, which is LITERALLY all about circumcision, is any indication, I’m going to be laughing from start to finish!

Will you be watching my two favorite comedies tonight?  Don’t forget that Season 7 and Season 3, respectively, are available on DVD, and we’re giving away IASIP this week!