Quick Take: CHICAGO FIRE has hot bodies and not much else

Tonight on NBC, after an all new episode of SVU, Taylor Kinney and Jesse Spencer star in CHICAGO FIRE.  The show, set (and filmed) in Chicago, follows the firefighters on the truck (lead by Spencer) and the firefighters on the rescue squad (lead by Kinney), who are at odds after a bad situation at the impressive fire we see in the opening act.  Eamonn Walker is their chief trying to bring the competing sides back together; Lauren German and Monica Raymund are EMTs that work with the house; David Eigenberg plays a longtime firefighter struggling with money, and Charlie Barnett plays a rookie starting his first day in the pilot, the former story providing more interest than others.

The show isn’t re-inventing the wheel.  The turmoil in the house, the fire that sort of brings them back together, the overzealous EMT who knows more than the doctors, the wash/rinse/repeat cycle of fire, turmoil, drama, etc, that we’ll likely continue to see all season – it’s all been done before, and there was nothing really “new” making it seem like a show I need to be watching.  Sure, Taylor Kinney and Jesse Spencer are hot, and get shirtless a lot, plus Monica Raymund and Lauren German are gorgeous, but the eye candy alone can’t keep me invested in what comes next.

CHICAGO FIRE premieres at 10/9c on NBC? Will you be watching?