My Take On…ARROW – one of the best pilots this Fall. Seriously…

Another new show hitting the airwaves tonight is The CW’s take on the Green Arrow super hero, aptly titled ARROW (8/7c before an all new SUPERNATURAL).  The incredibly charming (like, incredibly, incredibly charming) Stephen Amell, he of all those pictures of abs you’ve been seeing in the weeks leading up to tonight’s premiere, plays Starling City’s beloved playboy Oliver Queen.  Oliver has been missing and presumed dead for 5 years, when he miraculously turns up on a hidden island, looking rough!  While he was away, he had time to think, and plan, and turn himself “into a weapon.” As the story unfolds, he gets back to his home town, where almost immediately, he’s kidnapped for information about his mysterious five years.  He vows to “bring justice to those have poisoned [his] city” and by donning a green hood, with an arrow strapped to his back, the Green ARROW is born.

There are many familiar faces along for the ride – Susanna Thompson (love her!) is Ollie’s mom; Willa Holland (not sold just yet on her) as his sister Thea aka Speedy.  His ex girlfriend, Laurel Lance, is played by none other than Katie Cassidy, well known to CW fans over the years; she’s not too happy to see Ollie, since her sister was on the boat, and with Ollie, if you know what I mean (wink wink), when the boat was wrecked.  As expected, because I think she has chemistry with everyone she talks to, Cassidy and Amell are adorable together, even when sparring.  The coming episodes promise to feature drama, excitement, and vigilantism, as well as guest spots by John Barrowman and Kelly Hu!

What started as a way to fill the SMALLVILLE void for The CW has turned out to be a dynamic, exciting, and creative take on a back story we’ve seen explored many times, in many ways.  The pilot is high on the list of “best of Fall 2012” without a doubt! Direction was great, the intensity was felt from minute 1 to minute 44, and I can see myself continuing to be surprised week after week by just what the show does or gets away with.  Color me surprised, but I find myself on board with a dark and twisty super-hero show (that’s just so much more than that), and I think you all should, too!

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