My Take Too….on ONCE UPON A TIME Season 2!

When last we left Storybrooke, The Spell had been broken, a massive purple swirly cloud was descending onto our fairytale-come-to-life characters and then the screen faded to black.

Oooooooookay, now what?? “There are new dangers now, but nothing we can’t handle” says our newest Handsome Prince, Prince Phillip! That’s right, add Sleeping Beauty to our list of favorite storybook friends to grace our televisions in this Fall Season on ABC.

The good news? Everyone remembers who they really are! HOORAY! The villagers rejoice! But not for long. There’s still evil out there, there’s still unanswered questions, complicated schemes with complicated consequences. Magic may be back, but the citizens of Storybrooke are not. Magic is different here. They are still in our world, and that’s only the beginning of their issues.

Now that everyone knows who they are, the curse is broken, that should be wonderful, right? Well, ummm kinda? For 28 years, Emma lived on her own (for the most part) wondering where her parents were and who she was. The fallout from the truth that her parents are Snow White and The Prince plus that she comes from a Fairytale Kingdom? Well it isn’t making our heroine dance with joy. Understandably so. Having her world turned askew, Emma resorts to her no-nonsense methods. Good thing too, while other townsfolk have vengeance on their brains, somebody has to keep the peace!

The costumes, the acting, the writing are all still top notch; I’m completely enthralled with the entire premise of this show. ONCE UPON A TIME is beautifully executed and continues to prove that everything old is new again. [Amrie adds:  Meh, I’m still on the fence….I blame Lana Parilla.] While new members of the viewing audience will feel engaged, the viewers from the first season won’t be disappointed.

Allegiances are being formed. Good guys, bad guys; which is which and how to tell? Is the Evil Queen Regina still reigning? Is Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold still making deals? What about Henry?? To find out, tune in Sunday September 30th as ABC premieres ONCE UPON A TIME!