Quick Take: PERSON OF INTEREST Season 2 brings more of the same, and that’s just fine with me!

When we left PERSON OF INTEREST at the end of its first season run, week by week, the danger of using the Machine and everything involved had begun to catch up on our heroes, and then, before you knew it, Finch was kidnapped at gunpoint by Amy Acker (playing the fantastic villain Root; she reprises her role in the premiere and throughout the second season).  When the show comes back tonight after a summer away, Reese is doing everything he can to track down the whereabouts of his friend (including recruiting Fusco and Carter into his search), while having to also do double time tracking another Machine-related crime (this time involving the fabulous Ken Leung in a great role). Before the hour is up, count on a surprise or two!

I continue to find myself hooked on this show – it’s smart, exciting, shocking, and different, while at the same time accessible to anyone who maybe missed an episode or two.  Give the show a chance, and let us know what you think about PERSON OF INTEREST!

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