In what is coming to be known as “Classic Amrie,” my initial response to ABC’s newest comedy THE NEIGHBORS was “I didn’t hate it.”  A show that follows Marty and Debbie Weaver, a New York city couple with their three kids in tow, who end up moving to a suburb in New Jersey.  When they get there, they quickly realize something is WAY off about their new neighbors – first and foremost, that they might not be from Earth, exactly.  The set up is simple, and not terribly funny in the first episode, but there was something I found tangible –  I really like Lenny Venito and Jami Gertz together, and Gertz’s reaction shots alone proved the show worth, for me, of a second look.

Luckily, ABC had also provided the second episode, and against my better judgment, I found myself coming around to this show.  In episode 2, the Weavers, and their neighbors Larry Bird and Jackie Joyner-Kersee, head out to the mall for school clothes, and a classic fish out of water tale takes over.  By episode two, I was laughing along with, versus laughing and pointing at, a show I would normally have not given the time of day.  It might not be for everyone, but it’s worth a look – I think it might surprise you!

THE NEIGHBORS airs at 9:30/8:30c tonight on ABC – it will be moving to the 8:30/7:30c slot once SUBURGATORY returns!

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  • Wilson

    I just stumbled across the premiere of this on my Hopper DVR. It seems like a nice family show, worth some laughs. Personally, I like the pro-athlete concept, and I’m looking forward to seeing more on the show—preferably more like the Reggie Jackson moment. A friend that I work with at DISH is a huge Larry Bird fan, so I think he is now dedicated to the show, too. I’m glad that my Hopper auto-records the big 4 PrimeTime channels for me. It gives me a chance to notice new shows that I would have otherwise never noticed.