Quick Take: VEGAS is a show my dad will love….and that’s not a bad thing!

Tonight on CBS, check out the series premiere of VEGAS, the story about Ralph Lamb, a real man who became sheriff of Las Vegas back in the 60s. Lamb, played by Dennis Quaid, is a cowboy who reluctantly takes the reins, opposite mobster Johnny Savino, played by Michael Chiklis (so much better served here than he was on NO ORDINARY FAMILY). A period piece featuring a cast of familiar faces like Jason O’Mara (a personal favorite), Taylor Handley, Carrie Ann Moss, and many others, the show fills out multiple check boxes – sweeping drama with a complicated history, and a classic CBS procedural where week after week, Lamb will go toe to toe with Savino, and see how it all shakes out.

It’s got the makings of a hit for CBS – familiar faces, crimes, bad guys, good guys, and more.  This is a show that, without a doubt, my dad will tune into on a weekly basis, and that’s not meant to be a slight to the show that was more entertaining than I anticipated.  Dad loves his CBS procedurals, and I bet those viewers watching the CSIs and NCISes of the world are going to follow suit.

Check it out and let us know what you think – is VEGAS worth a long term stay?