In which I revisit HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER after a season away….

I’ve made no secret about the fact that I checked out on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER years ago.  I did watch last year’s finale just to see if what we had all decided was going to happen with Barney and Robin getting married was actually going to happen.  But after that, I had no interest in revisiting the show.  Cut to this year, when season premiere screeners were floating about – I decided, why not?  Let’s check it out.

When the show returns, it’s moments after where last season ended – Barney and Quinn are engaged; Lily and Marshall are sleep deprived, Ted and Victoria are driving off into the sunset, and Robin’s pretending that she’s not upset about the whole Barney and Quinn situation.  The episode does little to move any story lines along, really. Yes, we flash to a little bit down the road, showing how Barney and Robin are dealing with their impending nuptials.  Yes, we see what happens, sort of, with Ted and Victoria.  Yes, Quinn finds out about Barney and Robin’s past, and yes, Michael Trucco is back in a role he initiated a few years ago.  But once again, the show is just marking time until the inevitable introduction of the mother, who after all of the years, we still don’t meet.

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER is a show I’ll eventually watch through, for completion’s sake as I like to say, but it’s not a show I’ll be watching this season – my DVR is just a bit too full for a show I don’t care enough about. What about you?


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