My Take On…the GLEE Season 4 Premiere “The New Rachel”

I know I’ve said it a million times, but I often feel like I’m watching a different episode of shows than others are watching because I tend to dislike whatever it is they rave about. Take, for example, the 4th season premiere of GLEE, a show I once loved and couldn’t wait to watch, but which now falls to the “if I get around to it” pile of back logged TV.  Review, after review, after review of the show is calling it a return to form, one of the best episodes they’ve ever done, yet I was left feeling cold and uninterested in what is happening both in Lima and New York, truly “over” the show in a way that maybe I wasn’t last season.

Much like SAVED BY THE BELL did with The New Class (where they had the guy who kind of like Screech but not, and the girl who is kind of like Kelly, but not, and Mr Belding was there just holding on to his youth….), GLEE has come back this season with replacements of some of our favorites.  Jacob Artist is Puck-but-Not.  Melissa Benoist is Rachel-but-Not.  The new cheerleader is mean Quinn-but-Not, and the list goes on (in this analogy, Scheuster is Belding, a fitting accusation).  The stories did not feel new, or brave as their promos say it should, and I found myself missing Roz Washington (Nene Leakes…yes I’m serious).  I will say this!! If there is a bright side to GLEE’s shell of a former self, it’s Kate Hudson and Dean Geyer as Rachel’s heinous-professor and hot-new-love-interest, respectively.  There is something that pops about both of them – Kate Hudson’s performance is fantastic – and it shows a glimmer of what could be coming.  Now I just need to decide if it’s worth waiting to see.

GLEE airs on FOX at 9/8c Thursdays (a new night).  Check it out and let us know what you think!