Cassie Steele talks THE L.A. COMPLEX: “It’s definitely a role that I’ve always wanted to try to fill”

Friends in the US – there’s this show on The CW called THE L.A. COMPLEX.  It has aired 7 really daring, fun, and exciting episodes.  And you haven’t been watching it.  This import from Canada is currently earning high marks up north, scoring a third season renewal.  Meanwhile, in the US, Season 2 continues tonight with an episode that finds Abby masquerading as a good little Christian girl on the set of her new show-within-a-show SAVING GRACE, while Nick faces Sabrina, now that they’re working together.  To celebrate the show, and to explain to you all why you should be watching, we spent some time chatting with Cassie Steele (DEGRASSI; she’s Abby in THE L.A. COMPLEX) about relating to this show, and what’s coming next!

Talk to me about the show.  It’s so different from what we’ve seen on the air, at least on the CW.  How did you get involved, and why was it something that you wanted to do?
I knew when it was being developed what it was about, because Epitome,it also produced Degrassi, and I guess originally, it was originally the idea came from the DEGRASSI special called Degrassi goes Hollywood and I think that it got such a great response, they kind of wanted to do a sort of spin off, and a lot of people came on board, and it matured, and became something really different and really raw.  I guess it’s kind of like an actor’s dream to play something very dramatic.  A lot of humor in it.  It’s definitely a role that I’ve always wanted to try to fill.

What can you tell us about what’s coming up for this week’s episode?
This week’s show is going to be about, I guess everybody is in the middle of trying to find a new job, and fitting in, and seeing how, it’s always, in any sort of job, I think, it just takes a lot to find where you belong, and how you have to act around everybody, getting used to your environments, and all the lines to cross, and what not to cross.  It will be interesting to see how everybody gets along.

How is the character of Abby different from when we started to where we are this season?
I definitely think she’s gotten a little harder.  Because, you have to, when you’re living alone, and trying to make it, and you don’t always have a job, and don’t have a place to live.  She’s getting a grasp on what she needs to do.  Nick helps her out with how to manage her money down there.  She’s smarter, faster, quicker.  She can take a lot more now.  She’s hit her stride where she’s had a few jobs; it’s not like she’s been completely out of it.  She’s ready for something else, big to be thrown at her.

What about the Abby and Nick relationship – will we get to see that continue? Will there be ups and downs?
I think everybody has to expect ups and downs, because they haven’t known each other for that long, and this picks up right from last season.  It’s just one of those things where this is the in between stage.  You don’t really know if it’s going to work out.  Initially, it’s all lust, it’s all based on something, you fall for the person, there are so many other factors especially when you’re trying to get your career going.  It can really get in the way, and you can’t tell it tio stop because that’s what you’re down there for.  They’re also in different industries, which can be great, but they’re also still trying to make their way in the industries, and I think it’s going to be difficult because it’s going to be difficult.  They can’t relate with each other too much.  They both can’t let a relationship stress them out, when they’re trying to make it.

What has surprised you about this show or this character?
I guess the number one thing is how relatable it is, and how raw it is.  I mean, every time I think that I read an edgy script, I get the next one, and really shake my head, and say, I don’t know what the hell I was talking about is, THIS is way edgier than the one that I just read!” And how spot on it is.  You always think, even though it is, I’ve been working on the show, there’s always something that you don’t always think we’ll actually hit on.  But it does.  That’s what makes it so cool! You don’t always think about all of the things that happen, from all of these different perspectives.  It’s really fun to watch, and it’s really fun to read.  The writers are all incredible, so I think it just makes it so good.  I’m a huge fan of the writers.

What I love about the show is that it’s not overly sweet, really raw; shows how life could be for someone starting out.
Yeah, exactly!

Why do you think this is a show that people should be tuning into?
I think that when you’re young, and when you’re trying to get into a job, the stakes are high, especially when you’re not living at home, you go job by job.  I think it’s just so relatable.   Everybody’s trying.  I relate with this so much.  There are love triangles, there are big decisions that people have to make.  The characters are relatable.  Everybody feels that way at some point.  It’s so well portrayed that everybody will be able to point out something that is somewhat relatable to their life!

Have you and the writers discussed how Season 2 ends, and what’s coming up in the now-announced Season 3?
Oh gosh, I don’t even know!  I still am excited to find out, we haven’t even read all of the scripts for Season 2, so I don’t even know what happens at the end of Season 2, so I don’t know if they’ll give me answers for Season 3.

What are you doing in the music world these days?
I’m working on my third album, so that’s been really fun, and I go to LA a lot for that.  A lot of people [here’s where Cassie’s finger gets caught in a bird toy, poor thing!]  I’m sorry what were we talking about?

You were just talking about your music and what’s going on besides the show!
Oh right right right, I’m just working on my music, which is really, really great, because the show kind of gives me some stability, because I’m still in touch with the acting world, and I also have my time to write.  It’s really great, and I’m spending time here with my dogs.  I’m just living the life.  I also have a parrot, and I got my finger stuck in her toy, so I guess you can look forward to seeing my finger all caught up on Twitter!