Thursday Must Watch: AWKWARD. on MTV

Season 2 of my surprise favorite show from last summer / early fall is back tonight and you don’t want to miss it!!  AWKWARD. picks up shortly after where the show left us – Jenna is with Jake, not Matty (and I’m not sure how I feel about that).  Jenna knows about Lacey being the writer of the letter that changed her life.  And from here, the shows just takes off.  Matty is not giving up easily.  Jenna is not sure what on earth she feels, let alone being ready to make it official with Jake, and Tamara and Ricky will continue their will they, won’t they, will he pretend he is at his grandmother’s house relationship.  Val continues to be the best character possibly ever created and played. The most surprising revelation is that Lissa isn’t too happy with Sadie after what happened at the dance, and she’s gotten it in her head that she needs a new friend; a friend named Jenna!  The humor we love, the drama we love, it’s all there and better than ever.  And just wait until next week when a storyline that could easily be offensive is played so well and gives Ming such a great chance to shine, you don’t even mind it – I’m in love with this show, and you all should be, too!

AWKWARD. Season 2 premieres tonight on MTV at 10:30/9:30c!

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