Quick Take: TNT’s THE GREAT ESCAPE is worth your time!

Tonight on TNT, after an exciting all new episode of FALLING SKIES, be sure to stick around for the premiere of TNT’s first foray into the reality world – THE GREAT ESCAPE (Sunday, 10/9c). NFL Network’s Rich Eisen hosts this show where three teams (the red, blue, and green teams) must escape from some of the most inescapable places in the world. In tonight’s premiere, three teams of two must solve riddles, find clues, and keep out of sight of the guards, while trying to be the first team who finds their way around, and off of, Alcatraz, to win $100,000. Give it a chance and let us know what you think!

One comment

  • Will

    I have to say, I had high high hopes for this show. As a fan of Amazing Race and Survivor, I was looking forward to seeing another well-produced, challenge and task-based reality competition. The Great Escape proved to be a great disappointment. As slick as it looked, I felt nothing but boredom. At one point I think I actually slipped into an apathetic coma. Who won? Nevermind. I don’t care…