Tuesday Must Watch: TNT Premiere Night: RIZZOLI & ISLES/FRANKLIN & BASH

Tune in to TNT tonight for all new episodes of RIZZOLI & ISLES and FRANKLIN & BASH!

When we last left RIZZOLI & ISLES, the women were at odds over the fact that Jane had just shot Maura’s bio-dad Patty, after he had shot Jane’s boyfriend Dean, but before Patty could shoot Jane (still with me?).  Maura was not too happy that her undercover operation hadn’t gone quite to plan, and that her best friend had shot her mob boss of a dad.  Tonight’s season premiere starts right where we left off with the aftermath of the shooting no only impacting Jane and Maura’s relationship, but calling into question 5 years of convictions due to an IA investigation.  The show that’s known for the charming relationship between Maura and Jane is trying something different tonight, and it turns out that they’re as charming at odds as they are as friends.  Oh and did we mention that the circumstances surround Maura’s birth and adoption might not be exactly what she had thought all along?

After R&I, keep TNT on for the fun season premiere of FRANKLIN & BASH featuring, but not limited to, Kevin Nealon, the start of Pinder’s phobias, a vote in the midnight hour about partner status, and a too-sexy cop who wants a little Bash in her life.  Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Brekcin Meyer are infinitely charming as these “do whatever it takes to get the win” lawyers who struggle with going too corporate in an effort to make the big bucks.  The premiere follows two cases – one with an old friend of F&B and another with a new friend in Kevin Nealon that threatens everything the boys stand for.  In short, it’s just a fun hour to watch, and presents some great stories for the new season, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

If you’re looking for an easy way to pass the time on Tuesday nights, look no further than TNT this summer!  The combination of RIZZOLI & ISLES & FRANKLIN & BASH (new show!) is a fun one that never veers too heavy into dark subject matter and keeps it an easy one-two punch of fun!