Monday Must Watch: MASTERCHEF Season 3 Premiere on FOX

I was asked recently what it was about Gordon Ramsay’s MASTER CHEF that kept me tuning in, versus, say his KITCHEN NIGHTMARES or HELL’S KITCHEN that don’t.  What it boils down to for me is that this a likeable Gordon who, at times, may be rude about flavors or pushy about technique, but who uses his expertise in a supportive (read: not expletive laden) way to find the best home cook in America.  With his partners in crime, Graham Elliot, who has gotten better in front of the camera this season, and Joe Bastianich, who I never want to come across in a dark alley, the mission is clear: let’s find the person who can stand up to the tests that we come up with, and find the hidden chef within.

In the premiere, airing across two nights, we are greeted with hopefuls from across the country, with 5 minutes to plate a spectacular dish that signifies why they should be in the competition.  There are the delusional and the exceptional, as well as the mediocre folks who make a good case for themselves; what it comes down to is that I just enjoy my time watching the show.   It’s an easy way to pass the time, and keeps my DVR on its toes over the summer.  Will you be watching MASTER CHEF tonight and tomorrow at 9/8c on FOX?

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  • Kyle

    I agree–I like Nice Gordon better than the RAAWWWW Gordon on HK. Though, watching the unbleeped rough screener, I was shocked how much GR does actually curse on MasterChef.