Sunday Must Watch: Return of THE GLADES and premiere of LONGMIRE on A&E

Tonight on A&E, Season 3 of THE GLADES kicks off with a UFO mystery, and new drama LONGMIRE introduces us to Walt Longmire, a cowboy detective in Wyoming (it all starts at 9/8c).

When we last left our team in THE GLADES, Callie had decided that she wasn’t leaving town and she and Jim were going to give it a go.  While the episode starts out with a murder of the week (and it’s another “fun” one), the answer of whether it all worked out is answered fairly quickly!  As the team works together to solve the case of the man who was possibly abducted by aliens and possibly probed to death, I found myself just happy as could be that we’re getting more of these guys on a weekly basis.  Matt Passmore and Kiele Sanchez have great chemistry and the whole team just works. Carlos, Daniel, and Colleen bring it all together to investigate this UFO as you would expect – with doubt, by fully embracing it, and by falling somewhere in the middle, respectively.  By the time the story moves back and for amid conspiracy theories, I continued to be surprised.  If it continues at this fun and easy pace, it should be another great season!

After the season premiere of THE GLADES, stick around for the series premiere of the beautifully shot story of Walt LONGMIRE (played by Aussie Robert Taylor), the sheriff of a small town in Wyoming.  Based on the Longmire Mystery books by Craig Johnson, our hero Walt is slowly coming back to the world after mourning the death of his wife one year prior.  With two deputies in tow – Katee Sackhoff (Vic Moretti, the devoted Philadelphia transplant) and Baily Chase (Branch, the not so devoted new-wave thinker who wants Longmire out of his way) – Longmire dives head first into their most recent murder investigation with a renewed piece of mind and new dedication to the work he’s been ignoring for so many months.  Cassidy Freeman and Lou Diamond Phillips also star as Walt’s daughter and best friend Henry, respectively.  Shot with Santa Fe standing in for Wyoming, the show is lovely and thoughtful, and the story takes time to develop, never devoting too many words to scenes where words would just get in the way.  I was pleasantly surprised with LONGMIRE – consider it added to an already over worked Sunday night schedule that shows no signs of easing up!
Check out these two shows and let us know what you think!