Parker Young talks the SUBURGATORY Season 1 Finale

On tonight’s all new episode of SUBURGATORY, the just renewed Freshman series’ first season finale entitled “The Motherload,” residences of Chatswin go all out in celebration of their moms, leaving a noticeable void for Tessa.  Dalia chooses to go to Israel without Dallas while George and Eden attend the Lerners’ baby shower, where Eden reacts to the endangered animal theme

In Shay family news, Fred surprises Sheila with a special performance by her favorite solo artist, and Lisa makes a startling discovery.  Parker Young (Ryan Shay) spent some time with us chatting about the end of the season, where things will go next season, and how much he enjoys playing the surprisingly layered, mislabeled “dumb jock.”

Coming up on the finale; congratulations on the Season 2 pickup. I’m so excited that we’ll get to see more of the show!
Yeah, psyched. Thank you so much!

What can you tell us about what we can expect in the Mother’s Day episode, and what we’ll see this week?
Chatswin really loves their mothers.  It’s very comically competitive, showing off how appreciative their respective families are, so the Shays really try to outdo all of the other mothers and help Sheila feel like a queen [laughs].  Ryan always takes everything 110% and really just commits and wants his mother to feel loved and appreciated, and that’s tonight’s episode.

I read there is a big reveal about the Shay family, and we don’t want to give anything away, but were you surprised about what we’ll find out?
The whole adoption thing has been such a kind of out of nowhere thing.  I was surprised when Lisa started to assume that she was adopted.  She’s very curious, and [laughs] hopeful.  She’s going to dig hard, and it’s really going to uncover some family secrets that are going to shock a lot of people, when the news gets out.

You talked about Ryan rallying around his mom, supporting the family.  What I love about the character is that yes, Ryan can embody this “dumb jock,” but there he is supporting Lisa when she needs it.  He supports his mom, he supports Tessa.  Has it been fun to play the duality of that character?
Oh yeah!  I’m so happy that I do get to, and that he does have this side, and that Emily [Kapnek, creator] is allowing me to explore it.  Truth is, he’s a sweet, genuine guy.  He means well, he’s good hearted.  He can be perceived from the outside as being just a dumb jock, self-absorbed, narcissistic creature, but that’s really not who he is.  It’s been so fun to kind of, amp it up, when George took him under his wing and taught him how to be a man, aside from all of the self-absorbed-ness, the tan, and who are you on the inside, George asks.  Seeing him really be cute, and give his best shot at being a good guy and a gentleman for Tessa.  It’s been fun.

Has there been talk of what we’ll see for Ryan in season 2, and where the Tessa/Ryan relationship goes?
Yeah, I don’t know what Emily has in store for Ryan quite so much, but I’m excited to continue to explore his relationship with Tessa.  In general, Ryan’s kind of at a point where he’s broadening his perspective, kind of opening his mind to the possibilities of life, outside of Chatswin.  He’s grown up sort of sheltered and protected in this seemingly perfect town, raised catered to and babied almost.  It’ll be exciting for him to open his eyes to life when things aren’t so perfect, outside of Chatswin, and that’s what’s so intriguing about Tessa and George.  They are this glimmer of life that exists outside of Chatswin.  They’re just so unique and he’s intrigued by it.

What else do you have coming up besides SUBURGATORY?
It seems like it’s flown by!  Last week, I worked on a show called JANE BY DESIGN, playing a movie star, kind of love interest, to Jane (Erica Dasher).  That was a lot of fun.  And that’s really been it.

Has there been anything that surprises you, being involved in a successful series like SUBURGATORY.  Anything that has surprised you or been exciting for you?
The whole thing has been such a blessing.  It’s been so surreal from the beginning, just finding out that I was a part of it, to then finding out that we got picked up, to then finding out that people loved it as much as we did.  It’s all been so surreal, but such a blessing.  I feel so appreciative that it has gone this way.  A lot of shows, a lot of great shows, lots of great actors, great writers, involved on bunch of projects, for whatever reason, some go, some don’t, and it’s been really great that all of our hard work has paid off, and I’m glad people are enjoying SUBURGATORY, and I hope that they continue to do so!

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