Exclusive clip from tonight’s all new RULES OF ENGAGEMENT, plus Megyn Price talks what’s to come!

Check out the exclusive clip from CBS for tonight’s all new RULES OF ENGAGEMENT – then check out what Megyn Price tells about what’s happyning tonight and why she loves the rush of not knowing what’s to come!

Tell us a bit about what is happening when the show comes back tonight?
Tonight, Audrey kind of lets down her slick exterior and goes down the nostalgia road. She gets tickets to a Bon Jovi concert, wears a teeny-little miniskirt and tries to recapture her high school cool persona. It’s not pretty. Also, there’s this very bizarre storyline involving meat. It’s all silliness and fun.

What will we see for the rest of the season?
Well, I love that we got back to the basics a bit this season. I love Jeff and Audrey for how they interact — scheming, fighting, negotiating, neither one of them EVER admitting they’re wrong — and this season really highlights those lovely aspects of our relationship. In one episode, for example, Audrey tries to push Jeff WAY out of his comfort zone by trying to get him to talk dirty. It’s hilarious to watch him squirm!

Have there been discussions about what may happen as the show continues for the various couples and characters, should renewal come?
The writers keep the actors pretty much in the dark about future episodes, which I actually love. It’s like a little Christmas surprise every week when we get a new script.

What has changed for you about being a part of the show since it all started? Do you approach the show/filming/your role differently from when you started?
I think in the beginning of the show, we were all trying to figure out who Audrey was and why she and Jeff were together. He seems sometimes like an insensitive meathead, and she seems polished and super-bright. Throughout six seasons, I think our characters have become much more flushed out, and we get great glimpses into why they’re together. As our creator, Tom Hertz, likes to say — “Jeff and Audrey are not good.” They’re similarly self-serving in a lot of ways, and, at the center of everything, they really dig each other.

With a cast as funny as yours, who breaks the most during filming?
We tend to take turns. Bianca cracks up pretty much constantly, which gets Oliver going. Patrick remains constantly low-grade annoyed at me, because I find it hilarious to distract him right up until the MOMENT the director yells “action.” There are a handful of times David has lost it, and it’s one of the most joyous things I’ve ever experienced. He lost it once over a fart joke, and it took us all a good ten minutes to get it back together to shoot.

Why do you think this show resonates with fans the way that it does? The show is viewed as somewhat of a “utility player”, where the network uses it to fill gaps in the schedule, and it seems to succeed and prove itself – why is that?
Well, people come up to me and say “Oh my God! I’m EXACTLY like Audrey!” or “My husband is EXACTLY like Jeff!” So, I think the relatability of our characters and stories is the key to our fans’ loyalty — and they are INCREDIBLY loyal. No matter where we get shifted around the television schedule, our fans find us. It’s remarkable and such a gift.

Is it difficult being a part of a show that may not have a permanent home for the span of the show? And with all of the DVRs that exist, does it matter to you as a part of the show WHEN you air, as long as people are still making you a part of their various viewing methods and finding you that way?
I think DVR’s changed the entire television landscape. I couldn’t tell you, with a gun to my head, what night my favorite show, “Top Chef,” is on. It’s on when I push play, you know? So, I try to just focus on doing my own job, and not worrying about the politics of it.

What else do you have going on right now besides RULES OF ENGAGEMENT – I know you’re shooting a film?
Yeah, I’ve been crazy busy, actually, since we wrapped Rules. I got to be a little evil on the Season Premiere of Drop Dead Diva. I did a Christmas comedy movie last month out of town, and I’m working on a new television project as well, as both writer and actress.

What is on your DVR right now?
Everything Kathy Griffin does, Top Chef, Touch, Tosh.0, Anderson Cooper and The Voice. (And a bunch of gardening shows, because we’re about to re-do our whole landscape.)

Megyn is currently writing a vegetarian cookbook, which she blogs about on her website, http://www.scrambledmeg.com/, and on Twitter @MegynPrice.

RULES OF ENGAGEMENT airs Thursdays at 8:30/7:30c on CBS, after THE BIG BANG THEORY.