Worth Watching on Wednesday (alliteration not intended but enjoyed)!

Lots of good TV on tonight if you know where to look! For me it’s all about the following – SURVIVOR (8/7c) is still trying to recover from losing their incredibly polarizing (and maybe not polarizing in the truest sense where you LOVE or HATE Colton, but polarizing in that you either watch regardless of him or don’t watch because of him), but the show proves that they still have some tricks up their sleeves and a blindside of a super nice guy like Jonas last week could come back to haunt them this week, so I look forward to it. I just hope that someone sends Alicia home sooner than later and that maybe we can just stare at Jay together forever?

Opposite SURVIVOR, Betty White and her friends (along with two of my friends, producers of the show) are back to prank unsuspecting regular folk in BETTY WHITE’S OFF THEIR ROCKERS. Following the premiere, tune in for the new comedy BFF, starring Lennon Parham and Jessica St Clair (yes, the Marshall’s lady) as women who come together when one of them (Jess) is sent divorce papers by UPS Ground.  Along for the often uncomfortable ride is Lennon’s boyfriend Joe (Luka Jones, previously played by Adam Pally in the original presentation).  BFF is definitely going to pull viewers in one way or the other – either you’ll hate the way that Lennon and Jess seem to yell overly excitedly about everything or you’ll enjoy it.  Or you’ll hate their precocious neighbor, or you’ll love her (I love her) – the show seems like an acquired taste, and if NBC’s track record is any indication, it might not have long enough for you to enjoy it.

Tonight also holds a definitely series finale, a probably season finale, and a likely series finale for three shows that I have varied feels about.  ONE TREE HILL ends it’s 9th season (on the CW – 2 hours starting at 8/7c) and the series as a whole with a little bit of a look back (but no return from Hilarie Burton) on all that the show has been through and given us over the years.  After a contentious relationship with the show I’ve called “The Wretched Beast,” I’m next to positive that I’ll check it out to see what’s happening.  As for the likely season finale – that’s the final episode of HAPPY ENDINGS, airing tonight at 9:30/8:30c to make room for The Beek from The Creek next week (DON’T TRUST THE B…).  When the gang gathers together to celebrate the wedding of Derrick and Eric or Derrick or….Derrick (Alex is my favorite character this year; she’s amazing), some life changes and a surprisingly connection at the Skype Table lead to a love triangle I am NOT looking forward to and a killer performance by none other than Mandonna (Adam Pally sells it good).  Brian Austin Green guest stars and aw, little David Silver is all grown up and looking A-MAHZ.

My biggest issue with tonight’s TV is that it brings with it the end of the season, and let’s be honest series, of one of my new favorites BENT on NBC.  David Walton and Amanda Peet are overflowing with chemistry and I am not ready to accept that this one is over.  Tonight’s two episodes find Pete (Walton) dealing with his Mom’s (Marcia Gay Harden) return, as Walt (Jeffrey Tambor) is determined to win her back, and Alex (Peet) having a sexy dream about her and Pete WHILE she’s on a weekend getaway with David (Matt Letscher; for me the show’s only drawback).  Everything about this show clicks – the budding romance between Alex and Pete; and Screwsie and Gary (the BEST).  Everything Walt does, Joey King’s adorable Charlie, even JB Smoove doesn’t grate on my nerves.  I know that the brass at NBC like it, but it’s just not going to be a money maker or redeem this failing network, so it’s not worth giving a shot to in their minds.  In my mind?  YES IT IS.  Check it out and do what you can to start whatever campaign you can to keep this thing alive!

Also worth watching tonight:

  • THE CHALLENGE reunion on MTV – still sad about CT and Diem….
  • AMERICAN IDOL – I haven’t watched since maybe 2006?
  • New episodes of CRIMINAL MINDS and CSI


What are you watching tonight?