Jillian Rose Reed talks MY SUPER PSYCHO SWEET 16 Part 3 (and a little AWKWARD.)!

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Sure, MTV is “Music Television” but let’s be honest – they are really stepping up their game in the scripted TV arena – AWKWARD. is fantastic; TEEN WOLF is one of my favorites; I JUST WANT MY PANTS BACK is better than most of the dramedies on TV right now.  Another great thing that MTV has done over the past few years as they reinvent themselves, once again – they made a movie to capture the slasher glory of other popular films, poking fun of themselves in the meantime.  MY SUPER PSYCHO SWEET 16 combined MTV’s love of reality shows about excess wealth and the slasher films that have had huge success at the box office.

The third movie in this slasher film trilogy airs tonight (MY SUPER PSYCHO SWEET 16 Part 3), putting an end to this crazy murderous world that “Psycho Skye” Rotter (Lauren McKnight) has been living in and dealing with for years.  My Take on TV Favorite Jillian Rose Reed stars as Skye’s new roommate and road trip partner Sienna, who quickly finds herself in a “world of danger” that she was not prepared for.  To celebrate the premiere, I chatted with Jillian about what Sienna is all about, why this movie is one people should be watching, and what might happen between Tamara and Ricky Schwartz now that AWKWARD. season 2 is ready to start filming!

Counting down the months here until we get Season 2 of AWKWARD.!
I am counting down, too!

We want to talk about  MY SUPER PSYCHO SWEET 16 Part 3.  Tell me a little bit about the movie, and the role you’re playing in this Part 3?
This is the last part to the trilogy, and this one, basically follows the first two, and basically ties up all of the loose ends and brings everything to an end.  The story follows Skye Rotter, who in the first two movies is dealing with her crazy family, and her serial killer father [laughs].  She’s ready to move on from that.  She wants to kind of start this new life, and get away from her terrible past, so she decides to go to art school in New York.  She meets me.  I play Sienna, I’m the new character to the movie.  I’m this free spirit, kind of artsy, super cool girl.  We decide to road trip to New York to go to art school together.  Along the way, I convince her to go visit her sister Alex, who you meet in Part 2, and tie up those loose ends and say goodbye before she goes to school.  So we end up at her house, and it turns out, it’s her Sweet 16, and that’s where everything gets kind of crazy.

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Every slasher film, every scary movie needs a third film to wrap it all up!  The movies have been a lot of fun, ya know, besides all of the killing!
[laughs] Exactly!  It was really exciting for me, too, because I had been a fan of the first two, so it was like, “yes, a third one!”

You just answered my next question – had you been a fan of the movies and that’s what made you want to be a part of it?  How did you come to be a part of this film?
I had originally seen, I remember specifically turning on MTV and the first one being on.  I had no idea what it was.  It freaked me out, and I was actually weirded out by it.  I did a little research, found out that there was two of them.  So I watched them, was a fan of them, and when I heard about the third one, it actually came from MTV, who wanted me to audition for the part of Sienna.  I read the script, and I loved it.  I was so excited that they were doing another one.  I think it’s a cool thing for MTV to have a horror film to go along with their other scripted TV things.  I went in and did a chemistry read with Lauren McKnight, who plays Skye, and a couple days later, I found out that I booked it.

You point out how great that this goes along with what MTV has been doing, scripted wise, now branching into the scripted movie genre, and making fun of themselves a bit in the process with the Sweet 16 aspect.
It’s exciting.  I think it’s exciting for me, and speaking for the rest of the cast of AWKWARD., it’s exciting to be a part of this new thing for them. We all great up watching MTV, so now that we’re a part of this new thing that they’re doing, it’s a really cool experience.

So few networks can reinvent themselves so successfully, and that’s one of the great things about them.  What can you compare this movie to, as far as slasher films go?  Do you have favorites or do you watch others?
This is definitely a teen age movie.  Any of those horror films along those line.  There was one out a couple years ago, it was some kind of prom movie.

Oh yeah, with Brittany Snow.
Yes, that one! [Prom Night]. It is a slasher, horror film, but it is teenagers, so as much as it’s dark and twisted, it does still have that humor that MTV loves to throw in, that quirky humor that you see in a lot of other teenage slasher films and a lot of other MTV stuff.

Why do you think people should tune in?
If you’re a horror fan, you should definitely watch because of all of the blood and gore.  We do recap the first two movies, so if you haven’t seen the first two, you’ll know what’s going on just by watching the third one.  It’s a fun movie.  It’s fun but at the same time, they do scary in a way that’s really different, and creepy and dark.  I think it’s something that the horror fans are really going to like.

It’s probably fun to play a character that’s different from Tamara.
There are definitely some similarities, but there are definitely differences, too.  Tamara is a little bit younger than Sienna is.  In AWKWARD. I’m playing a high school student, whereas now I’m playing a girl that’s going off to college.  There is more of a maturity in Sienna that we don’t see in Tamara.  They’re both very spontaneous, very fly by the seat of their pants, do whatever they want in the moment girls.  Sienna is more artsy, more creative, she works on cars, and she paints things.  More of a tomboy, whereas Tamara is a little bit afraid to get her nails dirty!

Speaking of Tamara, has season 2 been discussed, plans for the season with the writers of AWKWARD.?
Yeah, we’re actually about to start shooting, actually, within the next week.  We’ve been doing, for this past month, table reads, so we’ve gotten to read all of the episodes and see what’s going on.  I’m so excited for Season 2; it’s going to be great.

What can you tease about what we can look forward to when we first come back?
I can definitely tell you for those of you that are either Team Jake or Team Matty, I think it’s going to leave a lot of people confused right from the get go.  There is a lot more drama coming from the Jake/Matty/Jenna love triangle that I think is really going to throw fans.

What about Tamara and Ricky Schwartz?
More drama!  [laughs] One day, Tamara will get a real love!

Check out the premiere of MY SUPER PSYCHO SWEET 16 Part 3 tonight on MTV at 9/8c.  And check out Season 2 of AWKWARD. when it returns sometime in mid to late 2012!