Jane By Design: The Final Challenge

Did you watch the series premiere of JANE BY DESIGN last night on ABC Family?  Totally adorable, right?  I for one, loved it, and loved that this quirky “outcast” (I’m with CourtneyK – like she and Billy would really be outcasts!) has such good fashion sense.  For our final challenge, I’m here to tell you how dress like Jane Quimby!

Take this casual outfit from the pilot (pictured left) – it’s totally what you might see on any high school student walking the halls; she throws on a shiny silver skirt to head to work at her Fashion House, and forget it, she’s made to be in fashion!  Follow the jump for a ideas on how to recreate this look!

It’s all about mixing and matching – take a skinny jean, a navy cardigan, and a mom-patterned-flowered shirt, and bam, easy going high school student. Add the shiny silver skirt at the end of your school day, and voila! You’re a fashion maven!

Pick up your Navy Sweater at Target (click the image to go right there):

Grab some jeans from American Eagle:

A chiffon top from Old Navy:

A light belt from Urban Outfitters:

And you can’t go wrong with some bracelets from Kohl’s:

When you’re ready to head out at night, throw on some platform Lauren Conrad pumps from Kohl’s, splurge a bit on a shiny silver skirt from Adam Lippes, and you’re all set!

Whose look did you love the most?  Tell us about it over on the JANE BY DESIGN Facebook page!

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