JANE BY DESIGN Quick Take – we think you should watch!

See Jane. See Jane be a talented high school student making her own smashing clothes. See Jane have a sexy best friend, Billy; see Jane and Billy be social outcasts. (It’s so unrealistic, these two are SO adorable but hey, it’s television.)

Jane and brother, Nick have money troubles. Before you can say, “Welcome to the Club”; Jane applies for an internship at a prestigious fashion house and mistakenly gets hired not as the unpaid intern, but as a salaried assistant to one of the incredibly difficult company heads (Amrie says: “you know, like Sue Ellen in DON’T TELL MOM THE BABYSITTER’S DEAD, one of the best movies EVER made?”), Gray Chandler Murray played by Andie McDowell! Now begins the literal dash between high school curriculum and the high powered fashion world! Will Jane be able to cope? Will her sudden thrust into the corporate world affect her invisible status at school? See tonight as JANE BY DESIGN premieres at 9/8c after an all new SWITCHED AT BIRTH on ABC Family!


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  • Sabrina

    Loved it and now it is on my DVR being recorded weekly. I think the part I love the most is the fact that it is unrealistic on pretty much every count. I am eagerly anticipating the next episode. Is it wrong that all of my favorite shows that are on right now are on ABC Family and I am 38 years old?

  • CourtneyK

    Sabrina – If being over 30 (no matter how far over) and having ABC Family shows be a permanent staple in my watching schedule is wrong; then damn the torpedos because I DON’T WANNA BE RIGHT!! 🙂