Spend some time in NEVERLAND

Have you ever wondered how Peter Pan, Captain Hook, and the Lost Boys ended up in Neverland?  Nick Willing, the man behind Syfy’s popular miniseries TIN MAN, certainly did and decided to explore that very idea – why did Peter choose a life where you don’t grow up, pirates don’t like natives, and crocodiles swim around with a ticking clock and a hand inside their stomach (okay, maybe that last part was only in the Disney version, but come on, that’s my favorite movie).

NEVERLAND, premiering tonight on Syfy at 9/8c (and finishing on Monday night at the same time), stars Charlie Rowe as the young man Peter, head of the Lost Boys (no, not the vampires…), and protege of a man named James (played to charmingly smarmy perfection by Rhys Ifans).  When a mysterious orb transports Peter, James, and their friends into a crazy world that they call Neverland, they immediately find themselves on many sides of a battle as old as time.  The lovely Anna Friel plays a character new to the Pan/Hook history – Pirate Captain Elizabeth Bonny – a strong, strong-willed, and aggressive woman whose influence changes James into a character we all know and love to hate. She wants to find the secret to eternal youth, and will stop at nothing to get her way! Along for the ride is Keira Knightley, who lends her voice to Tinker Bell, and Bob Hoskins who does what he’s been doing for years – he plays the familiar pirate named Smee!

The movie was well done, with great visual effects, and a charming cast that really enjoyed the roles that they are playing.  Charlie Rowe is a delightful young actor who is clearly going to be a huge star someday, if his on screen charisma at the age of 15 is a sign! The dialogue feels heavy and clunky about midway through, but by the time they get into the classic Peter and Hook back and forth, it’s back on track and a fun way to pass the time! It’s definitely something worth checking out as the sweeps period ends and every other show is winding down.  If you’re a fan of this iconic story, I think you’ll really enjoy what they put together in NEVERLAND.

Follow the jump for a preview clip from the miniseries and let us know if you’ll be watching!