Monday Laugh Break: In which MAN UP!’s Christopher Moynihan is brought to tears by his costar Dan Fogler

MAN UP!, starring Mather Zickel, Teri Polo, Amanda Detmer, Henry Simmons, and the subjects of today’s laugh break moment, Christopher Moynihan and Dan Fogler, airs another all new episode tomorrow night, after LAST MAN STANDING.

The show’s creator, Moynihan (most notably, to me, from A MIGHTY WIND), plays Craig, a man still reeling from an old break up whose terrible decision to show up to his ex’s wedding, belting out “Brown Eyed Girl,” led to the four man guys defending their territory from a very angry bunch of groomsmen. Fogler is Kenny – Brenda’s ex, Theresa’s (Polo) brother – who is threatened by Brenda’s new man Grant (Simmons), and who, in tomorrow night’s all new episode, is thrown into an unlikely bromance, as Craig and Will (Zickel) make it their mission for Kenny and Grant to be best friends. In the video above, Chris, Dan, and I try desperately to talk about what’s coming on the next episode and why people should tune in, but it goes decidedly off the rails almost immediately, and in the most amazing, tears inducing way. Check it out!