WHITNEY and UP ALL NIGHT score full season orders from NBC; PLAYBOY CLUB not so lucky

File this under: What? and Ok, I guess so? and Yeah that makes sense –

NBC has given full season pickups to WHITNEY and UP ALL NIGHT.  The Whitney Cummings sitcom has been a moderate hit.  I can only hope that it meets the same fate that last season’s surprise full season pickup OUTSOURCED got at the end of Season 1.  As for UP ALL NIGHT, I will continue watching, and hoping that it gets better, but even if it’s on, I might be tuning out.

And PLAYBOY CLUB?  Who didn’t see that one coming?  Don’t cry, Amber Heard!



  • Tim

    I actually liked PLAYBOY CLUB and wasn’t a huge fan of WHITNEY. I haven’t watched UP ALL NIGHT yet.

  • I’m actually not completely against PLAYBOY CLUB, I just knew it wasn’t long for this world ha! But oh god, WHITNEY….that’s a whole other story. Trainwreck!

  • Tim

    Any info on PanAm? I’ve enjoyed it so far, just not sure it’s potential in the long term. As of now, I think Terra Nova is my chosen winner for this Fall’s new shows.

  • Nothing about PanAm yet – the ratings went down a lot for ep2, but I think it’s great! I really enjoy Terra Nova, too!

  • Mase Daniels

    Up all night is good. I hear that NBC wants to put comedies on Wed nights so this will be a good show to bring people in.

    Whitney SUCKS! Nothing more need be said.

    Terra Nova: TWO THUMBS UP!

  • Bradford Mayfield

    So, I really like Pan Am on ABC, but I watched the last 3 episodes of The Playboy Club on NBC and I really enjoyed the Story lines, and I always feel like you have to give a show a few shows to get into it, now some of the stories seemed like they had an agenda, but I really liked it. and I’m in love with Laura Benati and her voice…I’ll miss it just like Amber Heard

  • suz

    Whitney show is beyond horrible. What could cause NBC to keep this show – it is beyond terrible. The Promos are everywhere and they are atrocious. The Whitney show should be cancelled. Clearly someone is paying off an NBC exec.

  • Yes, agreed, but viewers are tuning in, sadly 🙁