Hawaii Five-0 Releases DVD Amidst Swarm of Exciting Guest Stars

3457555_com_cover_of_hawaii_five_0_dvd“Every episode is a postcard.” That’s how star Daniel Dae Kim (Lost) describes the natural “set” of Hawaii Five-0 in the release of the series’ first season to DVD.

DVD Not a Disappointment to Fans

And CBS Home Entertainment has left no stone unturned in offering fans of the series cause to squeal with delight.

The six-disc set is complete with deleted scenes from many episodes, special features, and a tribute to the original Hawaii Five-0.

Secrets of Filmmaking and Characterization Explored

We also get a peek into the making of the pilot as well as the making of the entire first season. And we learn a few things about the characters.

The shooting of the pilot takes us through 15 days on set and lets us into the secret world of filmmaking, with digitally-enhanced car crashes and amazing stunts, some of them performed by star Alex O’Loughlin (Moonlight, The Shield), who we learn has a background in martial arts. We also learn how to deal with “natural” production problems. (I won’t reveal this one to you. You’ll have to get the DVD and discover what this is on your own).

Getting to know just who these characters are is something Showrunner/Executive Producer Peter Lenkov felt would set apart the new series from its original counterpart that exited the airwaves in 1980.

A New Kind of Crime Drama Emerges

To be sure, crime dramas are not what they used to be. With the movement into the world of technology comes advanced methods of forensics and identification.

Another significant departure from the original series is how the Governor’s Task Force decides to call itself “Five-0.” (I can’t tell you everything. I’ve got to leave some mysteries for you to solve, so I won’t reveal this one either).

Amidst all this, we even get language lessons and learn all about Hawaiian culture and tradition. The title of each week’s episode is in Hawaiian, so we scramble to find the English translation. Then, there’s the matter of the Hawaiian blessing. What is a Hawaiian blessing? For that matter, what is a puka dog and an ‘aumakua? Got your curiosity peaked yet?

Casting Problems Plague Set

But, all hasn’t been “sugar and spice and everything nice” in filming the newly vamped Hawaii Five-0. Casting and scheduling conflicts plagued both star Scott Caan (Entourage, Ocean’s Eleven, Ocean’s Twelve, Ocean’s Thirteen) and Kim, who simultaneously shot a character demise in one series (Lost) and a character introduction in another (Hawaii Five-0).

And we can’t neglect to mention all the season’s unforgettable episodes.

Premiere Answers Questions, Anticipates New Episodes

It’s hard to believe that, just a day before the DVD was released, Hawaii Five-0 unveiled its premiere episode to the world.

And what a premiere it was! (There are spoilers to follow, so readers beware).

In a nutshell, Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett is cleared of all charges in the murder of Governor Pat Jameson. In the process, however, he is shanked in prison by Victor Hesse,(played by James Marsters, (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel), who is subsequently killed by Wo Fat ,played by Mark Dacascos, (Iron Chef America: The Series, Stargate: Atlantis). And, in the last seconds of the premiere, we learn one trusted team player is not what (s)he seems.

Debut of Second Season Unveiled

As if this weren’t enough, on September 10, 2011 the series heralded its second season with an intimate, up-close and personal, smokin’ hot red carpet “Sunset on the Beach” gathering of 10,000, that included castmates, new and recurring characters, and Executive Producers Roberto Orci and Peter Lenkov.

New and Recurring Characters Emerge

The series continues to add stellar performers in guest spots, including William Baldwin (Backdraft, Flatliners), in a series of episodes beginning Monday, October 3, 2011 and Daniela Ruah, who comes to Hawaii in a crossover role as NCIS: Los Angeles‘ Agent Kensi.

Hawaii Five-0 airs on Mondays on CBS and stars Alex O’Loughlin as Steve McGarrett, Scott Caan as Danny (Danno) Williams, Daniel Dae Kim as Chin Ho Kelly, Grace Park (Battlestar Galactica) as Kono Kalakaua, Masi Oka (Heroes, Get Smart) as Dr. Max Bergman, and Lauren German (Memphis Beat, Happy Town) as Lori Weston. Recurring cast includes Terry O’Quinn (Lost) as Lieutenant Joe White, Mark Dacascos as Wo Fat, Taryn Manning (Sons of Anarchy, 8 Mile) as Mary McGarrett, Tom Sizemore (Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down) as Captain Vince Fryer, Claire van der Boom (City Homicide) as Rachel Edwards, Teilor Grubbs as Grace Williams, Taylor Wily (Forgetting Sarah Marshall) as Kamekona, Richard T. Jones (Judging Amy, Collateral) as Lieutenant Governor Denning, Larisa Oleynik (10 Things I Hate About You) as Jenna Kaye, and Michelle Borth (The Forgotten) as Catherine Rollins.

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