Quick Take: CourtneyK is falling off the GLEE-wagon

I said I’d give it one more go. I’m trying. I really am.

All the elements I love are present: Idina Menzel guest starring, Kurt being super great, Brittany is being stupid, Mercedes being sassy, Artie being adorable, Sue being terrible. However along with the good, comes the very very bad.

I admire Lea Michelle and her pipes, but I swear if I have to watch her “pinched-face-collapse acting” through her singing I shall be forced to fast forward through her every note. I love the way she sings, I just can’t stand to watch her do it. I understand that she’s a lead, but she’s putting me off the show.

There’s a wealth of talent being wasted in the ensemble, still! I know I know it’s what’s been said before: but there’s a reason! Weren’t we promised storylines regarding other cast members? Where has that promise gone??

It’s only the second episode and it’s still the same stale stuff. There are a few tweaks that have come into play, such as Quinn’s transformation from head cheerleader to a pink-haired badass and Blaine abruptly transferring schools. But…is that all?? I wish something were grabbing me and making me watch again, but it’s not. It’s tragic; I used to be so proud to love GLEE. But these lukewarm episodes so far have me rethinking my loyalty. This may mean that my DVR will have an opening on Tuesday nights. I don’t know, what do you think? Is your DVR ready to give up the GLEE ghost?

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  • Garp

    I watched the first episode and I didn’t like it. I’m trying to be loyal to the show (I was proud to be a gleek) but the last season wasn’t that good and it doesn’t seem like this season will be any better. So sad…