Quick Take: WHITNEY and CHARLIE’S ANGELS are skippable, at best

Here’s a quick look at what NOT to watch tonight –

At 8PM on ABC, a reboot of the classic series CHARLIE’S ANGELS premieres.  This version (which tries to combine the more big-action-movie-Drew-Barrymore-Angel with the Farrah-Fawcett-70s-Angel), stars FRIDAY NIGHT ALUM Minka Kelly, Rachael Taylor (Lucy from GREY’S, who should be using her real accent for like, 10% more interest), and soap-opera star Annie Ilonzeh.  The ANGELS are beyond gorgeous; there’s no hiding that.  But their beauty is simply not enough to get around the clunky dialogue that makes each scene feel like it will never end.  Perhaps future episodes will be more exciting and less exposition, but for me, this is one reboot I’m definitely avoiding going forward.

Another show that I would call “skippable” at best (meaning it’s worse than even just skipping it), is the “comedy” series WHITNEY, starring creator Whitney Cummings.  Whitney (playing a loose version of herself, I guess) is in a long-term relationship with Alex, played by Chris D’elia (wasted in this role).  The show is meant to follow the “three relationships in three different stages” trajectory that hasn’t been able to click in many shows lately:  Whitney and Alex are dating, not married, not engaged.  Then there’s Lily and Neal – they are obsessed with each other.  And of course, Roxanne and Mark – the divorcee and the perennial bachelor who take jabs at each other whenever they can.  There wasn’t a cliche that this show (which feels, like, 20 years too late) didn’t try, every “joke” fell flat, and the laugh track did nothing to convince me it was funny.  Before I suggested tuning into WHITNEY, I’d suggset you check out Cummings’ OTHER show, 2 BROKE GIRLS, first and you know how I feel about that!