Monday Quick Take: Amrie and CourtneyK agree to disagree about 2 BROKE GIRLS

2 BROKE GIRLS premieres tonight on CBS after the Ashton-Kutcher-filled TWO AND A HALF MEN premiere (the show moves to its regular timeslot following HIMYM next week).  Amrie and CourtneyK both watched and found themselves possibly watching two different shows.

In the Pro Corner: CourtneyK

What happens when you take a cynical, busty brunette and pair her with a skinny, formerly privileged blonde in a Brooklyn diner? No, not that sitcom. No, not that one either. It’s 2 BROKE GIRLS premiering on CBS tonight, of course!

Max, (Kat Denning) is a sassy-borderline-bitchy brunette waitress in a greasy spoon in Brooklyn. Max’s dialogue consists of mainly one-liner insults at the expense of anyone and everyone she comes in contact with. While Caroline (Beth Behrs) is the daughter of a ponzi schemer who’s assets have been frozen and is now forced to jump into the “real world”. However, Caroline isn’t the typical spoiled blonde heiress; she’s got drive and an honorable conscience.

With a supporting cast of stereotypical characters, 2 BROKE GIRLS has memorable moments between the two leads, otherwise it’s a pretty light and fluffy half hour. It’s worth a look, a little surprising to say the least. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it at all, but found myself laughing quite a bit!

In the No Thank You, Ever Corner: Amrie

I watched 2 BROKE GIRLS, wanting to love it because I love Kat Dennings, and I love the people repping it, and cynical dark humor should be right up my alley.  I was sorely disappointed, and upon a second viewing when I realized there were as many rape jokes as there were times I’d watched the pilot, I knew that this was not going to ever be a show for me.

Kat Dennings is perfectly sarcastic.  She’s normally delightfully sarcastic.  She has not a care in the world, and if I had to say one good thing about the show, it’s that she nails her character with aplomb (ah and it’s better than WHITNEY…so there’s that). Like Courtney said, the show is about an always-broke girl working two jobs who meets up with a recently-broke girl who hates the idea of touching money, and not a plastic credit card, and they combine their wits and charm (I use that term loosely) to make money and set up a little shop of their own.

I did not laugh once.  I don’t expect to laugh at a second episode, but I’m an equal opportunity viewer, so I’ll give it a chance.  But I have a feeling it will be off the list, fast, and forever.

Where do you fall on the 2 BROKE GIRLS spectrum?


  • I agree with Courtney. I thought this show was very funny. I love Kat Demmings and her character!!! Like Courtney says, she nails the character. The only complaint I have is this: I have lots of friends who works in restaurants and I don’t think they would ever work in high heels boots or high heels sandals like these characters do. Other than that, I think this show will have some staying power and it will be interesting to see if the make the 250K to open their own shop. I am not betting against these ladies but I do expect some set backs at times.

  • CourtneyK.

    …I didn’t even THINK about the footwear, Louis! Good call! *scribbles on notepad, mumbles to self* points go to Louis aaaand check 🙂

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