Tuesday Must Watch: FOX premiere night – GLEE, NEW GIRL, RAISING HOPE

I know where I’ll be tonight – sitting down to watch the premieres of A) my favorite comedy, B) my favorite NEW comedy, and C) a show that I won’t give up on no matter how many ways they try to make me….

Tonight at 8/7c on FOX, Season 3 of GLEE kicks off with an episode designed to put the focus back on the regulars, you know, the focus that we’ve lost since the first 13 episodes of Season 1.  Like the show is trying to focus, so too, is New Directions, as Schue puts them to work on a task to get them more focused after being so down due to their disappointing placement in NYC.  Gone is Chord Overstreet who declined to return to GLEE after his “firing” was exaggerated on Twitter over the summer.  In his place are new guest stars LaMarcus Tinker (Tinker/FNL Forever) and Vanessa Lengies (she’s that girl you know from everything).  I’m just interested to see how the season plays out.  Did Ryan Murphy really make a concerted effort to be more about the club and less about everything and everyone else?  Will the additional writers added to the team help Ian/Ryan/Brad remember that there are characters named Quinn and Mercedes that deserve better?  Will this be the year that Darren Criss moves off my “annoyances” list (sorry, folks, NOT. A. FAN.)?  There are so many questions waiting to be answered, I will definitely be tuning in.

Following GLEE is the premiere of my new favorite comedy this season, NEW GIRL, starring the impossible-not-to-love Zooey Deschanel.  Zooey stars as Jess (check out Raul’s QT on the subject), a woman who comes home to find her live in boyfriend cheating on her, so she decides to move in with three very different men – guest star Damon Wayans Jr is the laughably hot-tempered Coach (don’t worry, he’s off the show after tonight’s episode to give us more Brad on HAPPY ENDINGS); Jake Johnson is the clear love interest named Nick, who is suffering through a horrible (and not so recent) breakup with The Waitress (TM IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY…) er, Mary Elizabeth Ellis; and Max Greenfield is the douchebag that every viewer loves to hate and every show needs to succeed!  The cast immediately gels, and from start to finish, I had a smile on my face.  I’m looking forward to see what Lamorne Williams brings to the cast next week, but for now, this is 100% must watch!

Rounding out the night is the hilarious and heartwarming season 2 premiere of RAISING HOPE.  My favorite or second favorite, or favorite (the Hecks and Chances should duke it out because I can never decide) TV family is back and instantly creating another classic episode.  After Shelly (Kate Micucci) delivers a great season 1 wrap up in the form of song (thank god for her), the episode focuses on Jimmy and Hope watching old videos of what appears to be young Jimmy jamming out on the piano.  Young Jimmy (the super talented Grayson Chance) is what some might call a “Prodigy” (the episode’s title).  After an amazing mishap at the minigolf course (and a lovely rendition of “Meet Virginia”) that left him with “ambrosia,” Jimmy’s talents were gone, and through a series of methods, he tries to get it back – to not only have something interesting for Hope to be proud of, but to also impress Sabrina.  The show, as always, comes together at the end with a touching moment of promise through the eyes of the ADORABLE Baby Hope.  I mean, seriously, find me a cuter TV baby (babies, these girls are adorable – Baylie and Rylie).  Please check out S2 and let me know what you think about FOX Tuesday!