Jason and Sam are getting hitched! Steve Burton and Kelly Monaco chat GENERAL HOSPITAL

Jason and Sam are finally getting married on GENERAL HOSPITAL and their portrayers, Steve Burton and Kelly Monaco, spent some time with My Take on TV to discuss what it means for this super couple.  As a long time fan of the show, and of Jason/Sam in general, it’ll be nice to see their wedding, which starts Monday, 9/19 and culminates in typical GH fashion on Friday, 9/23.  Along the way, look for Franco (recurring guest star James Franco) to get a little jealous that he wasn’t invited…


  • grilla

    “and our honeymoon.. great!” Jason wants enjoy the honeymoon I don’t think he wanted Franco there… lol Awesome interviews. Can’t wait for Jasam wedding and baby 🙂

  • Carol

    so excited about the JaSam marriage. Can not wait for them to finally become man and wife and might I add it could not have happened to a more deserving couple. GH is getting so darn good!

  • Mira

    I love Jason and Samantha! I can’t wait for this wedding and honeymoon!