Comic Con 2011: The Gang from Paddy’s talk Season 7 of IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY…

Do you have a favorite group on television that you always rely on to make a day where you feel down on yourself 100 times better because you realize that at least you’re better than them?  For me, that’s the gang from Paddy’s Pub on IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA.  These people get themselves into more catastrophic absurdity than any normal person would should be able to survive, let alone face on a daily basis.

This season, the gang gets involved in a beauty pageant, celebrates their high school reunion as only they can, and goes out of town on a nice getaway to the Jersey Shore.  The first episode deals with what happens when Frank tries to turn a hooker into Julia Roberts at the end of PRETTY WOMAN.  It should go without saying that it does not end well.  Follow the jump to find out what the gang had to say about this crazy season, and where they can possibly go from here!