My Take Too: Courtney K spends some time with FREE AGENTS

Does anybody miss Moonlighting? (Put your hand down, Mom) Well if you do, you might want to give Free Agents a shot! Premiering tonight at 10:30/9:30c on NBC, this is a quick half hour Rom-Com dedicated to a professional single and over 35 demographic.

Don’t get me wrong, the writing is good. There are many funny moments between Hank Azaria / Kathryn Hahn and Hank Azaria / the supporting cast.   However, the premise is a bit well, how can I put this: Sad.

Single Sad-Dad Alex, played by Azaria, is convincing with his quintessential “worn down dog” deadpans at camera. Throughout the viewing, I found myself sucking air through my teeth and rolling my eyes half-way trying to will Alex to MAN UP and stop with the whining!  But again, my heart goes out the man as soon as he opens his mouth and says “Potato” (you’ll see…).

The leading lady-with-the-snarky-blade Helen is played by Hahn.  She’s a beautiful girl who recently lost her fiancé tragically and is “fine” but has an apartment plastered with said dead-guy’s pictures. So yeah, she’s not fine.

The couple works together in a Corporate P.R. firm. I know what you’re thinking “Don’t Sh%t where you eat!! Everybody knows that!!”, but the show is less about the “Oops we are shagging, don’t tell the boss!” and more along the lines of friends who work together and end up in bed. With an eclectic cast of one-liner spewing supportive characters, the office is where the real entertainment value is. And hey, it’s Giles (Anthony Steward Head) as the boss! It’s nice to see him back on the telly, and this time as a funny fella!

Altogether not a bad show; a little rough around the edges but good solid comic delivery from a cast with the resumes to back it up. There’s a few strategic storylines that the show can take that would make it a solid winner. I look forward to seeing some more episodes, so I’m gonna count this show Free Agents as a Go Ahead and Give it a Shot!

Check out Amrie’s take on FREE AGENTS and check out the premiere tonight on NBC – let us know what you think!