Quick Take: Fall TV

As any enthusiastic television fan knows, the coming of the fall season means it’s about time to check your direct tv guide and get ready to pick up with all of your favorite shows, as seasons resume and begin. The fall is always an exciting time for tv watchers, as it brings a combination of second halves of seasons, brand new seasons, and even brand new shows. With all of these things in mind, here are a few words concerning some of the more popular television networks’ upcoming fall lineups:

One network that is currently home to some of television’s most popular shows (particularly in the comedy genre) is NBC. This fall, their lineup will be just as strong as it has been in recent years, as they will be bringing back many comedies that have become a part of people’s weekly schedules. 30 Rock, the relatively young and very popular comedy will be returning soon, promising to bring more outrageous laughs from Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin, among others. Additionally, late September brought the new season premieres of other popular comedies, such as Community, Parks & Recreation, and even The Office, which is seeking something of a new direction following the departure of show anchor Steve Carell.

Comedy Central is also enjoying the return of some of its most popular shows, which is very exciting for comedy fans, and television fans in general. Tosh.0, the popular standup show of young, offensive but hilarious comedian Daniel Tosh recently returned in late September, with plenty of new material from this favorite of high school and college-aged comedy fans. Similarly, a number of other standup performers, such as Gabriel Iglesias and Nick Swardson, are also beginning to return with fall shows. Perhaps most exciting, however, for fans of Comedy Central, is the return of South Park (slated for October 5th), which carries perhaps more intrigue than it ever has following the bizarre, foundation-rattling, and strangely depressing finale to the first half of the season last spring.

All over television you will find exciting premieres and new shows coming about this fall. While this article has talked primarily about comedies, there are also a number of other types of shows with much to offer this fall. For example, fans of the popular FBI drama Criminal Minds have no doubt been excited to see fresh episodes starting in late September, with fresh adventures for the now-famous Behavioral Analysis Unit. The bottom line is, the fall means new episodes; so, whatever you prefer to watch, you can almost certainly look forward to quality new programming!

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