NBC Fall Preview

NBC has just released their Fall Preview video – check out clips and previews of their new shows, introduced by Whitney Cummings.  Which ones look the best to you?


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  • Mase Daniels

    Wow they are really pushing for this Whitney show. What is wrong with NBC? I bet the meeting went something like this.

    “So we need something new and fresh for fall. How bout Sarah Silverman? Nope, Comedy Central tried that already and it didn’t work. People would turn the channel before it came on so they didn’t even hear the theme song. How bout we find an unknown female stand-up comic and give her a show? America will love that! But she needs to be awkward and she needs to tell fart jokes so men will watch too.”

    Paul Reiser will be laughing at NBC for dropping his show for this. Yes, even that show was better than Whitney will ever be.