What would you do if aliens landed on Earth, hellbent on taking over the human race?  Would you lay down and take the punishment, sacrificing everything you know and love?  Or would you join up with some resistance fighters, call yourselves an army, and fight back?  While I’d probably find myself lying in the fetal position, letting the aliens do whatever they want, that’s not the case for the 2nd Massachusetts of FALLING SKIES (two hour premiere at 9/8c on TNT).  Led by (gravel-voiced) Weaver (played to perfection by Will Patton), and seconded by history professor turned army-man Tom Mason, the 2nd Mass is not going to take this attack lying down.

FALLING SKIES, for all its battle and excitement, is at heart, the story of Tom Mason, played by Noah Wyle, who I haven’t liked this much since the early days of John Carter on ER.  His wife died in the initial attack, and his middle son Ben was taken by the aliens (who want all the children in the world).  Oldest son Hal (Drew Roy, my new crush) is now a spotter, working alongside his dad in their dangerous new positions; youngest son Matt just wants everything to back to normal.  Sure, we’ve seen it all done before – we’ve seen the cataclysmic event (JERICHO), the fighting survivors (THE WALKING DEAD), the missing children, the dead wife, the chemistry with the gorgeous pediatrician Anne (Moon Bloodgood, my favorite name in all show business; she is kicking ass and taking names)!

While FALLING SKIES may not be the most unique thing to hit the airwaves, it’s still one that I started and couldn’t stop watching.  The first 7 hours, including the 2 hour premiere, had me on the edge of my seat, and I was immediately invested in these survivors.  The aliens beings are unlike things we’ve seen before; the visual effects are movie quality.  And the biggest question aside from what do these aliens want is whether these survivors can survive each other long enough to fight of the real enemy.

In short, FALLING SKIES is a must see Sunday night show – check it out and let us know what you think!


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  • Keith Viverette

    Very Cool Amerie. I have it marked on my dvr for tonight! Looks like its gonna be fun.