Here’s how I’m spending my time tonight – what about you?

Tonight at 8/7c:

Tonight on ABC Family, the midseason premiere of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, called, appropriately, “Moments Later”, kicks off immediately following the strange and scary excitement from Camp Mona.  Hanna’s been hit by a car and before she can tell the others who she thinks “A” is, she’s carted off to the hospital.  Toby’s in jail, Em’s dad is home, and Ashley Marin’s up to no good with a pile of cash in her purse.  The shows takes leaps and bounds towards telling us who may or may not be “A”, while multiple red herrings, a strange new relationship, and, in my opinion, typecasting, promises that we’re in for a ride over the next batch of all new episodes.  Now if only that Ezra Fitz could fall for someone his own age….check out a preview of tonight’s premiere.  Tell us – who do you think “A” is?

Tonight at 9/8c:

Right after PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, we’re treated to the assumed-final season premiere of GREEK.  After a brief stint at graduation, we’re transported to the following Fall, where our favorites are shown dealing with their Junior year (Calvin and Rebecca are now Presidents of their respective houses; Rusty is trying to make his mark on Kappa Tau) or dealing with their post college life (Casey is struggling with leaving Cyprus Rhoads; Ashleigh is off in NY; and Evan is heading to law school, while continuing to deal with his ongoing money issues).  We’re once again faced with a Cappie/Casey WillThey/Won’tThey, only this time, Cappie might actually be doing something about it, as he intends to finally grow up and make himself good enough for Little Miss Perfect.  I’m far more interested in the episodes that come beyond tonight’s premiere (next week is really solid), but tonight’s episode establishes a good balance for what should be an interesting final year.  Check out a sneak peek clip from tonight!

Tonight at 10/9c:

CASTLE continues to be that one show that I watch every week, but I don’t find myself talking about enough.  I think some of the leads are weak, and I struggle to find the realism behind a writer teaming up with some detectives to solve cases, but all of my trouble with the show aside, I am smitten with Nathan Fillion and I enjoy an hour of TV where I don’t have to think, if I don’t want to.  In tonight’s episode, Laura Prepon (GREEK-related; she’s Cappie’s real life love) guest stars as Natalie Rhodes, an actress known for terrible C-List horror films, who is preparing to play the fake-Beckett Nikki Heat role in the movie based on the book.   She’s invited to ride-along with Beckett for a few days, to get a feel for her character, and in the process of searching for the killer of a millionaire matchmaker, Natalie slowly takes over Beckett’s personality.  An enjoyable hour that features an engagement, and some tears; check out a preview of what to expect tonight!