My Take on….the COUGAR TOWN Season premiere!

Somewhere along the way, I fell in love with Jules Cobb and her ridiculous  bunch of friends.  What started as a show about a woman in her 40s, dating younger men quickly became a heartwarming story of friends and family that is must see for me on Wednesday nights.  The first two episodes of this well-deserved second season cover exactly the reasons why I love these nutcases.

In episode 1, Courtney Cox’s unknown best friend Jennifer Aniston (</sarcasm>) drops by as Jules’ absolutely insane therapist who offers her all the advice that Ellie would offer, but with a little bit of incense and a lot more neuroses.  Grayson and Jules are making it work, Trav is getting ready to leave home for school, and Bobby continues to be the best thing ever.  Episode 2, where Travis finally makes his way to college, has Jules not ready to deal with it, and the creepiest baby-made necklace ever!

Long and short of it – if you haven’t made Jules and friends your go to 9:30 show on Wednesday nights, you definitely should.  Season 2 is off to a great start!